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The role of a people leader when the company goes remote

MeetUp | Thursday, 9th April 2020 10:00am BST | HR Grapevine

Thursday 9th April 2020 | 10:00AM - 10:30AM | Zoom

During this time of remote working, it can seem that people leaders have their work cut out for them? How do they create policy on the fly? Translate strategies that were designed for office-based business? Give staff the autonomy they need to succeed whilst also ensuring business continues as usual?

Join Dan Cave, Head of Content at HR Grapevine and Alastair Gill, Head of People at giffgaff, as they lead a 30 minute exploration of the new nature of work, with an opportunity to share your current experiences and ask the pressing questions you are trying to answer.

Please note: Spaces are limited and your registration will need to be approved by the Event Manager. This is an invite only event, however you can choose to nominate relevant people from your organisation if you feel it suits them better.

If you have any questions or need further details, please email Olivia on [email protected]

Daniel Cave

Daniel Cave

Head of Content
Executive Grapevine
Alastair Gill

Alastair Gill

Head of People

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