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Appraisals, Anxiety & Psychological Safety: The Future of High Performance

Webinar | Tuesday, 2nd April 2019 1:00pm BST | HR Grapevine & Clear Review

Annual appraisals have often been more effective at increasing stress and anxiety than in driving improved performance and development. 

In recent years the fields of psychology and neuroscience have provided HR and Talent leaders with evidence as to why this is the case, which has led to a fundamental rethink of performance management. New and better models are being explored, most of which rely on managers playing the role of coach and providing ongoing developmental feedback to their direct reports.

However, this shift presents new challenges. In a recent poll of HR professionals, 85% stated that the majority of their managers ‘do not have strong people and performance development skills’ and a recent Harvard study discovered that employees are more likely to trust a stranger than their boss.  

In this webinar we team up with Natasha Wallace, former HR Director, speaker, wellbeing specialist and author of The Conscious Effect: 50 lessons in better organizational wellbeing, to delve into the theory that creating trust and psychological safety, is the secret weapon to building a culture of innovation, alignment, and high performance.    

This session will explore:

  • Defining and demystifying psychological safety in the workplace

  • How trust and psychological safety leads to high performance

  • Practical steps to implementing psychological safety for your talent

We’ll also have some practical insights from talent leader Lynn Rodgers from CYBG/Virgin Money who have ditched annual appraisals for a coaching-led model, followed by a Q&A.   

Natasha Wallace

Founder & Chief Coach
Conscious Works

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