The Power of a (Neuro) Diverse Workforce

Webinar | Thursday, 21st March 2019 12:00pm GMT | HR Grapevine & Texthelp

We live in a diverse society and successful organisations are recognising the benefits it can bring. Embracing and supporting diversity, including neurodiversity, can help organisations reach out to and attract staff from a wider talent pool, with new ways of thinking and problem solving emerging as a result. 

This webinar provides the opportunity to discuss ideas to attract, support and retain a diverse workforce. We’ll look at examples of organisations which are successfully making diversity - and neurodiversity in particular - work for them to deliver business benefits.

Loraine Martins MBE FRSA

Loraine Martins MBE FRSA, Director of Diversity & Inclusion Network Rail

Loraine leads a centre of expertise which supports Network Rail’s ambition to be a more open, diverse and inclusive business. Previously, Loraine lead a multi-award winning team on equality, inclusion, employment and skills in the construction of the Olympic Park for London 2012, for which she was awarded an MBE.
Louise McQuillan

Louise McQuillan, Workplace Solutions Manager Texthelp

Across the UK millions are excluded online and at work. Louise’s goal is to “change lives” by improving access to assistive technology to enable people to reach their full potential and thrive in any environment. Digital technology holds the key for organisations to nurture a diverse workforce and engage with their customers.
Nicola Branagh

Nicola Branagh, Workplace Solutions Champion Texthelp

Helping private sector organisations in the UK & Ireland embrace and foster inclusion through assistive technology solutions. Self-professed HR geek with a passion for building inclusive workplaces where everyone can grow together, to meet tomorrow's business challenges.

About Texthelp

At Texthelp, our mission is simple - to help everyone understand and be understood. We are a leading provider of digital inclusion software and we help your staff to overcome digital literacy challenges, so they can communicate with greater confidence and be more productive and engaged in their work.

As an employer you will have a diverse and (neuro) diverse workforce and will have legal obligations to support them. Ensuring everyone’s properly equipped to understand - and be understood - in the workplace, is more important than ever before. That’s why organisations are turning to digital support software such as our Read&Write software, to give everyone the individualised support needed - creating a productive workforce and driving significant business competitiveness.

As a company, we are committed to taking a proactive approach to employing people with a disability and to encouraging other organisations to begin their Disability Confident journey. We strive to identify, and remove barriers for people with a disability and with this campaign we want to support other companies in their efforts to do the same.


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