Simplify and Accelerate – Rethinking High-Volume Recruiting

Webinar | Thursday, 6th December 2018 1:00am GMT | HR Grapevine & Cornerstone OnDemand

For many organisations, in particular retail, hospitality and leisure, high-volume recruiting is one of the key elements of business success. To source, hire and onboard the right quality and quantity of candidates faster is top-of-mind for operational managers that rely on people to deliver a first-class customer experience and maximise sales.

Join Peter Gold, Principal Consultant Thought Leadership at Cornerstone OnDemand, and Will Hamilton, CEO of LaunchPad Recruits, as they look at the tactics and strategies that that can ramp-up your high-volume recruiting and discover:

  • How to simplify your high-volume strategy by focussing on candidate desire and availability

  • How technology can automate and filter, improving the candidate experience and accelerating the hiring process

  • Why you need to rethink the importance of face-to-face interviews

  • How successful hiring directly impacts sales and profits

About Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a global provider of comprehensive learning and talent management software and services. With Cornerstone, your organisation will be able to better: Increase Employee Productivity, Improve Employee Retention & Engagement, Recruit Better Talent Faster from Inside & Outside Your Organisation, Enable Greater Consistency Through the Performance Review Process, Close Skill Gaps With Targeted Training, Improve Collaboration and Communication Between Employees and Realise A Rapid Return On Investment

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