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DEI Toolkit: Starting your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey

Webinar | Thursday, 23rd September 2021 11:00am BST | HR Grapevine & Culture Amp

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Tackling DEI can often feel like a daunting task with many organisations not sure where to begin. Leaders are often worried about doing or saying the wrong thing and may not feel confident talking about DEI issues with their people.

During this session, we will explore where to begin if you are just setting out on your DEI journey, and what steps your organisation can take to make the journey a success.

We will go back to basics, defining:

  • What is meant by DEI

  • Why it is important

  • How organisations can ensure they are set up for success when embarking on their own DEI journey

Alex Alvarez

Alex Alvarez, Senior People Scientist Culture Amp

Alex is a Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp. As a member of the People Science team, Alex partners with customers in collecting, understanding, and acting on employee feedback through best practices and applied organisational psychology. He primarily supports customers in the EMEA region with a strong focus on the UK market. Prior to joining Culture Amp, Alex worked for several years consulting with a wide range of clients across multiple industries on employee engagement and employee experience related topics. He received his MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology from the London School of Economics.

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