Mental health training:
The single greatest opportunity for organisations in 2021?

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In a working world that's constantly changing, digital mental health training needs to be a cornerstone of every workplace wellbeing strategy.

This session explores how a credible, efficient and accessible programme won't just improve the employee experience, but also your organisational performance.

This session will include:

  • Why company-wide digital mental health training will become increasingly advantageous for organisations in 2021

  • Insight from industry practitioners and about how they've launched successful training programmes within their organisations

  • The hallmarks of credible, effective, and inclusive workplace mental health training programmes

Daisy Abbott

Daisy Abbott, Mental Health Technology Specialist Unmind

Daisy Abbott is a Mental Health Technology Specialist at Unmind. She is a psychology professional with a passion for improving the mental health of employees across the globe. Before joining Unmind Daisy worked for the NHS, PWC, and the mental health charity Mind, where she led a team that worked on the “Heads Together Campaign” in conjunction with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.
Dr. Heather Bolton

Dr. Heather Bolton, Head of Psychology Unmind

Dr Heather Bolton is the Head of Psychology at Unmind. She is a clinical psychologist and BABCP-accredited cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT). Before joining Unmind Dr Heather spent over ten years working for the NHS. Heather is passionate about reducing stigma around mental health and making sure everyone has the opportunity to take control of their own wellbeing, whatever their life circumstances.
Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts, Head of Reward Virgin Media

With a career of 20 years in Pensions & Reward across a number of large UK employers, Dave has considerable experience of Health and Wellbeing propositions, most recently launching Thrive at Virgin Media which has resulted in an increase in employee engagement, and wellbeing becoming embedded as core part of Virgin Media’s culture.
Stella Gervinho

Stella Gervinho, Head of Wellbeing GVC

Stella is an experienced employee health & wellbeing consultant, specialised in developing and delivering wellbeing strategies in the workplace environment. Stella has worked in international markets across Europe, Asia, Australia, and America.

About Unmind

Unmind is built on the belief that everyone has the right to a healthy mind.

Our workplace mental health platform empowers employees to proactively measure, understand, and improve their mental wellbeing. Alongside this, we give organisations actionable insights to inform their wellbeing strategies and drive wider cultural change.

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