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23rd September 2020

Cornerstone OnDemand

“Reboarding” your team for the Return to Work

Webinar | Thursday, 27th August 2020 10:00am BST | HR Grapevine & Cornerstone OnDemand

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The work environment has been disrupted like never before, and the global pandemic made remote working commonplace, whilst across organisations of all sizes and sectors staff were placed on furlough for unspecified periods of time.

But now the country is beginning to unlock and the great “Return to Work” is top of mind. But questions are being asked about securing the safety of the workplace, including social distancing and PPE, not to mention the more individual concerns about practical issues such as travelling to work, or a genuine anxiety about the whole situation.

As HR leaders, you will be at the frontline of dealing with exactly these kinds of issues. How to disseminate the right information to your team members at the right time and in the right way will be more crucial than ever.

Join Cornerstone’s Regional Sales Director Stuart Smith and Senior Talent Operations Manager Greg van Esch as they discuss the challenges and solutions a global company should consider in this ever-evolving environment where different countries introduce different regulations, alongside Solution Consultant Lisa Baker who will demonstrate some practical ways Cornerstone can help overcome these challenges, providing advice and tips on “reboarding” your employees as they re-enter the workplace.

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith, UK Sales Director- Mid Market Cornerstone OnDemand

Stuart is the Cornerstone Mid-Market Regional Sales Director for UK and Ireland. He specialises in e-Recruitment and Talent Management solutions, having previously focused on bringing US vendors to market in the UK and building out these organisations through client acquisitions. In his current role, he manages a large team of Regional Sales Managers and assists companies understand the benefits of a Human Capital Management system for their organisation.
Greg van Esch

Greg van Esch, Senior Talent Manager Cornerstone OnDemand

Greg is a consummate and experienced HR professional with extensive exposure throughout Africa and Europe across the spectrum of employee relations, collective bargaining, mobility, HR information systems, compensation and benefits, recruitment, transformation, learning, engagement, delivery, dispute resolution, strategy, finance and operations. He has been the Senior Manager of Talent Operations at Cornerstone for 2 and a half years and is currently heavily involved in the “Return to Work” strategy of the business.
Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker, Solution Consultant Cornerstone OnDemand

Lisa has been with Cornerstone as a Solution Consultant since May 2019. The map of her career has always linked her back to her love of people and all things to do with HR and the employee journey. Her passion for orchestrating these golden threads into transforming people practices, rewarding employee experiences, whilst working collaboratively and building long term partnerships is what drives her to joint success. She brings compassion in understanding the customer’s needs and tailoring a business solution to drive value.

About Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a global provider of comprehensive learning and talent management software and services. With Cornerstone, your organisation will be able to better: Increase Employee Productivity, Improve Employee Retention & Engagement, Recruit Better Talent Faster from Inside & Outside Your Organisation, Enable Greater Consistency Through the Performance Review Process, Close Skill Gaps With Targeted Training, Improve Collaboration and Communication Between Employees and Realise A Rapid Return On Investment

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