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23rd September 2020


Reacting, responding and communicating to employees during COVID-19 and beyond

Webinar | Thursday, 30th April 2020 11:00am BST | HR Grapevine & Zendesk

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Learn how your HR team can provide advice and support to employees during COVID-19

Business isn’t business as usual right now. As you and your organisation adapt to a newly distributed workforce, an effective internal helpdesk is no longer optional—it’s a critical factor for supporting and retaining your talent. 

In this webinar, Zendesk will share insights, key learnings and best practices for implementing, utilising and scaling an internal helpdesk.

In this webinar Sarah Manning, Senior Director of HR and Darren Parker from Zendesk discuss:

  • How HR can react, respond and communicate with employees in rapidly changing times

  • Best practises for implementing and scaling a HR helpdesk

  • Key research findings from Zendesk and Culture Amp, connecting collaboration, engagement and customer service

Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning, Senior Director of Human Resources Zendesk

Sarah Manning is Senior Director of HR at Zendesk. She currently leads a team of global HR Business Partners, as well as carrying out the role of HR Director for Zendesk EMEA. Based in Dublin, she partners with Zendesk's executive leaders in the UK and San Francisco on their global people strategies. Sarah has spent close to 20 years leading teams and working across all facets of HR, and with her current team spread over four continents, she is a passionate leader and strong communicator.
Darren Parker

Darren Parker, Senior Manager, Customer Success Zendesk

Darren Parker is Senior Manager in Customer Success at Zendesk and currently leads a team of highly skilled Success Consultants and Executives, defining the vision for success in the UK. His skills lie in being able to take grand visions and translate them into efficient actionable plans to deliver that vision, as well as optimising the path and highlighting the advantages of additional ideas along the way.

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds support, customer and employee engagement software designed to foster better customer and employee relationships. From large enterprises to startups, we believe that powerful, innovative customer and employee experiences should be within reach for every company. We help HR departments optimize their workforce by keeping employees engaged and informed. Zendesk serves more than 150,000 customers across hundreds of industries in over 30 languages. Zendesk’s European headquarters is in Dublin, and operates offices in the UK and worldwide. Learn more at www.zendesk.co.uk

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