Is your senior recruitment process putting your organisation at risk? The importance of taking a data-driven approach

Webinar | Tuesday, 24th March 2020 12:00pm GMT | HR Grapevine & Propel International

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There are huge costs associated with getting senior hires wrong. The effect of these recruitment mistakes can be wide ranging, including immediate financial consequences, longer-term damage to the organisation’s reputation, and negative effects on productivity and culture. Despite this, we find that organisations tend to have the most rigorous recruitment process in place for their more junior roles (e.g. graduate recruitment) and tend to take a less robust approach for senior, more critical, hires.

Join Kay Tear and Fleur Scott as they share their experience and explore the risks associated with recruiting senior hires and the steps to take to minimise them. They'll demonstrate a data-driven approach to hiring senior managers, which looks at the increased effectiveness of using multiple objective assessment methods and will talk through a recent case study.

Key insights include:

  • The importance of knowing the characteristics and behaviours that predict high performance in your organisation

  • An evidence-based approach to recruitment – understanding both flaws and best practice

  • How to develop a more robust assessment process for senior hires using multiple methods for greater objectivity

Fleur Scott

Fleur Scott, Director of Consulting Propel International

Fleur Scott is a Director for Propel Talent UK. She specialises in the design and delivery of behavioural assessment and development programmes from entry to senior leadership level. She has significant experience working with leaders, helping organisations to achieve their best through their people. Fleur has 15 years global consulting experience across 5 different consultancies.
Kay Tear

Kay Tear, Director of Consulting Propel International

Kay Tear is a Director for Propel Talent UK. She specialises in assessing and developing leaders both face-to-face and through psychometric testing. She gets most energised by her executive coaching work, helping people gain heightened self- awareness. She has held positions in five consultancies in both the UK and Australia and has global leadership delivery experience.

About Propel International

Propel International is an award-winning Talent Assessment & Development Consultancy. Since 2010, our growth has been fuelled by a set of unwavering core values centred around our passion for people, pioneering solutions, and lasting partnerships.

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