Employee Engagement: Doing it the right way for your frontline employees

Webinar | Thursday, 12th December 2019 11:00am GMT | HR Grapevine & Actimo

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Employee Engagement has become one of the hot topics for HR leaders with more and more emphasis being put by CEOs around the world. Despite its priority and significance in today’s workplace, many companies and HR executives find it difficult to clearly define what employee engagement really is and, more importantly, what measures they can take to make their workforce more engaged.

This session is about de-mystifying the topic of employee engagement by sharing understandable insights and actionable recommendations with a special focus on frontline employees and the challenges of engaging a to-date disconnected, blue-collar workforce. It will be hosted by Actimo’s CEO, Eske Gunge and Sr. Customer Success Manager, Jennifer Merk.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The three defining aspects of Employee Engagement

  • Characteristics of engaging a non-desk workforce

  • Recommendations and implementable steps throughout the employee journey

  • Examples and learnings from leading organisations

We want to turn good workplaces great by powering employee engagement and are looking forward to sharing our insights and answering your questions.

Eske Gunge

Eske Gunge, CEO & Founder Actimo

Eske has been part of the HR Tech space for more than 10 years, helping medium and large enterprises optimise their communication, training and leadership of frontline employees. He has a background as Head of Multimedia Services in the Danish telco incumbent TDC. Actimo is the 3rd company he has been part of founding, working with B2B software.
Jennifer Merk

Jennifer Merk, Sr. Customer Success Manager Actimo

With 10 years of experience in consulting and project management, Jennifer is an expert in creating and delivering user-centric solutions to drive experience and growth within organisations. She has an international, cross-industry background and has worked for leading companies in various fields such as automotive, financial services and transportation in Europe and the US.

About Actimo

Actimo is a mobile workspace for frontline employees, that improves employee happiness and productivity by driving engagement. Combining communication, training, and leadership tools into one easily accessible, snackable and measurable mobile workplace, Actimo is changing the way companies connect to their non-desk employees all over the world.

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