Risk or reward:
How Employee Relations can drive your HR transformation

Webinar | Tuesday, 12th November 2019 2:00pm GMT | HR Grapevine & AdviserPlus

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HR is fast becoming a key strategic partner to the business. As the function’s role changes it shouldn’t forget Employee Relations (ER).

There can be little perceived glory in maintaining positive ER, and getting it wrong can hit, well, everyone: managers; HR teams; employer brand and the business itself. To quote a HR Director at a leading UK retailer: “You get no thanks for getting ER right. Yet, if you get it wrong there are serious consequences”.

However, ER transformation could be a sure-fire way for HR to be viewed as a strategic partner. ER can bring labour savings through digitalisation of processes or reduction in absenteeism costs with improved MI. All have a significant impact on the bottom line, as well as delivering people performance improvements.

Join Daniel Cave, Head of Content at HR Grapevine, Rob Williams, Business Development Director at AdviserPlus, and Ian Renwick, Employee Relations and Insights Manager at Flybe, who will discuss whether the risk of “getting it wrong” is holding HR leaders back from embracing all the benefit ER transformation can bring? And how can we ensure that transforming ER is understood to have greater reward than risk?

Who should attend?

All HR and ER professionals who are considering how they can transform ER

What you’ll learn

  • Tools for analysing the maturity of your HR function and ER service

  • The common challenges and opportunities for HR leaders as they drive for transformation

  • Where digitalisation of processes can deliver tangible and significant ER returns

  • How you can build a business case for investment in ER transformation

  • Practical examples of where organisation have successfully begun their ER transformation journey

Rob Williams

Rob Williams, Business Development Director AdviserPlus

Rob Williams has over 25 years experience in HR outsourcing, technology and consultancy. From his experience working with many respected HR leaders, supporting the evolution of HR through traditional personnel functions, through Ulrich and BPO to Human Capital Analytics and Agile HR. Rob leads initiatives and research that helps organisations unlock competitive advantage through HR by promoting functional initiatives that will drive productivity, innovation and growth. Rob is currently looking at the effectiveness of the ER function, the last bastion of assurance, and how organisations can strike the right balance of risk management and business efficiency through line manager enablement delivered by modernising systems and improving process.
Ian Renwick

Ian Renwick, Employee Relations and Insights Manager Flybe

With an extensive and varied background in HR in a wide range of industries, cultures and legal frameworks, Ian has built up a wealth of expertise and best practices in employee and industrial relations, people data and insights, HR strategy and people policy. Multilingual, and with a working background spanning 20 years in Asia, Europe and North America, his approach is truly global and open-minded in scope. Having run his own business, and been a successful salesperson in his own right, perhaps Ian's greatest HR strength is that he is not from a traditional HR background; he understands corporations and what HR and more particularly ER needs to do to prove its worth in the boardroom.

About AdviserPlus

AdviserPlus is a leading provider of specialist HR services to large enterprises, including HR technology, consulting and employee relations advisory services.

AdviserPlus combines HR data analytics, technology and people expertise to help HR leaders turn people data into clear, meaningful insights; improve productivity, ER consistency, and people performance; and gain access to world-class people expertise, coaching and advice.

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