Hemsley Fraser

How do you provide learning and engagement experiences
that drive transformative change?

Webinar | Thursday, 31st October 2019 2:00pm GMT | HR Grapevine & Hemsley Fraser

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You want to provide engaging learning experiences that drive true change. But without an unlimited timeline and an unlimited budget, what things can you do to effectively generate buzz around your learning and engagement programmes, make content accessible to your varied audiences, get people excited to attend events and make sure the effort sticks?

Join Matthew Prisco (Client Digital Transformation Lead) and Gavin Padden (Customer Success & Engagement Lead) from Hemsley Fraser, the learning experts, as they tell a “Sliding Doors”-like story of two organisations: One which falls into a number of typical (but avoidable) modern learning and development traps, and another that recognises how the combination of a strong, multi-point engagement strategy, the implementation of consumer-focused, beautifully-designed learning content, experience platform and services can vastly increase the likelihood of programme success… All without requiring hiring a team of hundreds or robbing a bank!

Who should attend:

All learning and development, talent and HR professionals responsible for employee development and engagement.

What you will learn:

  • Techniques for creating the buzz for knowledge and collaboration.

  • How to create blended experiences that satisfy today’s employee development expectations - anytime, anywhere, anyhow – whilst also engaging teams behind driving to achieve the goals of the business

  • Successful approaches organisations are taking to embedding mind-set, behaviour and performance changes

Matthew Prisco

Matthew Prisco, Client Digital Transformation Lead Hemsley Fraser

Matthew leads Hemsley Fraser’s Digital Transformation team, bringing over 20 years of experience working with global clients and digital learning strategy. He has worked with some of the world’s leading providers of online learning including Harvard Business School, CrossKnowledge and SkillSoft. Part of HF’s team of digital learning experts, Matthew helps clients with their digital learning strategies, driving engagement, impact and business success.
Gavin Padden

Gavin Padden, Customer Success & Engagement Lead Hemsley Fraser

Gavin runs the Customer Success function at Hemsley Fraser. A new addition to HF digital team, Gavin ensures that clients have the right tools, insight and support needed to launch, engage and optimise the HF platform. With a background of building customer success teams in the tech and education sector, he has provided success support for major clients such as the BBC, Royal Bank of Scotland & Aviva.

About Hemsley Fraser

Hemsley Fraser create, deliver and execute learning experiences to drive higher levels of engagement. From their roots as a UK training company, they’ve been empowering talent for three decades, evolving the business into a global, award-winning provider. Experts in their field, today they’re transforming how businesses learn and engage.

Providing blended, virtual and on-demand learning experiences, training courses and managed learning services.

They've also been a top 20 leadership company for 10 consecutive years, as well as being recognised as a top 20 outsourcing and top 20 online learning library company.

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