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Identifying and managing stress among your global workforce

Webinar | Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 1:00pm BST | HR Grapevine & Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) Network

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This webinar will explore the ways in which stress can manifest itself in the workplace, how to provide employees with the tools to manage stress both at work and at home, and how to use available medical claims data to better understand stress indicators across a given population.

The webinar will be presented in three short segments:

13:00 - 13:20 | The impact of stress on workplace productivity and how stress can manifest in unexpected ways.  A discussion with Jason van Schie, Managing Director, People Diagnostix, a provider of preventative, psychologically-based technology solutions for global businesses. And Dr. Juliane Sachschal, Mental Health Programme Development, Generali Health Solutions.

13:20 - 13:40 | How to identify and reduce sources of stress to help employees stay well and flourish. Jason van Schie, People Diagnostix, shares strategies for reducing work-related stress, to help employees flourish in the workplace and at home.

13:40 - 14:00 | How to leverage medical claims data and identify stress indicators across an employee population.  Daniela Masters, Head of Global Health & Wellbeing Programmes, Generali Employee Benefits, discusses how medical claims data can shed light on stress indicators across a population, even in the absence of private medical coverage for mental health services in many international markets. 

Daniela Masters

Daniela Masters, Head of Global Health & Wellbeing Programmes Generali Employee Benefits

With more than a decade of practical experience, Daniela has gained considerable knowledge about successful corporate health and wellbeing initiatives and programmes from multiple perspectives: employer, wellness practitioner, private insurer and EAP provider. Daniela’s education and career has taken her from Germany to Indonesia to Australia to the UK where, for the last year, she has enjoyed developing and managing the global Health and Wellness Programmes of the Generali Employee Benefits Network (GEB).
Dr. Juliane Sachschal

Dr. Juliane Sachschal, Mental Health Programme Development Generali Health Solutions

Juliane develops mental health interventions at Generali Health Solutions, aiming to close the most common gaps in the care of mental disorders. She holds a Master's degree in psychology from Humboldt-University Berlin and a PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Oxford. She has worked as a psychological counsellor for people with mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.
Jason van Schie

Jason van Schie, Managing Director People Diagnostix

Jason van Schie holds a Masters of Applied Psychology (Occupational), and has been working as a registered psychologist since 2005. Based in Perth, Jason works with companies internationally (including Australia, UK, Germany, USA and Canada) on initiatives that assist in the prevention of mental illness, and optimisation of wellbeing. Jason is primarily a practitioner, but also collaborates with academics from several universities on pioneering research in the area of technology and mental health.

About Generali UK Employee Benefits

Generali UK provides Group Life Assurance, Group Income Protection - plus added-value wellbeing services - to the UK employees of multinational clients. Generali UK is also pioneering Wellbeing Investment Matching, helping clients fund discrete, tailored wellbeing initiatives where a need has been identified. 

Access to a range of non-life and health insurance products, plus multinational pooling and captive arrangements, is available via: Generali Employee Benefits Network (GEB), Generali Global Corporate & Commercial and Generali Global Health.

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