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23rd September 2020


The Future of Work: Why ‘Employee Development’ Is Central
to Your Organisation's Success

Webinar | Thursday, 20th June 2019 1:00pm BST | HR Grapevine, Fosway Group & Bridge

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People are at a premium today. The ‘war for talent’ might be a cliché but as skills gaps continue to increase and engagement remains a real challenge that HR has yet to solve, ‘employee development’, an emerging and increasingly important category in the talent management space, has become the central pillar in the employee lifecycle of every organisation. How do you help your people develop and grow in a way that truly motivates them and really increases their impact in the business?

In this joint webinar, David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst and the team from Bridge, the employee development software solution, will share insights such as:

  • The critical HR drivers for European organisations today

  • How to put employee development at the centre of the talent lifecycle

  • Practical implications and benefits of putting employees in the driving seat

  • How ‘design thinking’ can be used to uncover the 'core drivers' of peoples’ careers

  • The role of technology in career development, mentoring and coaching

David Wilson

David Wilson, CEO Fosway Group

David Wilson is founder and CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst. A major commentator on the learning and talent industry for over 20 years, David is a strategic advisor to many major corporate and supplier organisations in the UK and Europe. David personally leads Fosway’s research and corporate advisory agenda. He is the author of over 150 research papers and articles, as well as being a leading speaker at major conferences and events around the world. With his extensive market knowledge and detailed insight of corporate projects and experiences, David continues to influence the thinking of many of the leading companies and vendors operating in the market today.
Alan Slavik

Alan Slavik, Head of Strategic Development EMEA Bridge

Alan Slavik is responsible for the strategic direction of Bridge in EMEA. He has more than 15 years of experience developing and launching groundbreaking products and new learning technologies. He has had the privilege to partner with some of the world's greatest companies and has visited over 50 countries. Alan is passionate about employee development and is always happy to exchange ideas with industry thought leaders.
Gentry Davies

Gentry Davies, Director of Product Management Bridge

As director of product management for Bridge, Gentry is focused on building products that fulfill Instructure’s vision: “software that makes people smarter.” He spends a lot of his time meeting customers and prospects to better understand their business to help define the strategy for Bridge. Gentry and his team constantly challenge themselves to identify unmet corporate needs while helping companies manage and develop their most valuable asset, their people.

About Bridge

Bridge is employee development software that creates a positive employee experience and increases engagement through purposeful learning, continuous feedback, collaboration, skill building, and career development. We empower businesses to develop, retain, and promote their most valuable asset - their people.

Learn more at www.instructure.com/bridge.

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