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January 2021

HR Grapevine | January 2021

2020 changed everything for HR. The ongoing pandemic forced an overnight pivot to digital, created an even deeper interest in the wellbeing of staff, and, perhaps for the first time, fostered a true understanding of how personal circumstances and professional efforts impact each other for every individual in the organisation.

In this new normal, there is much that still cannot be predicted but what the last 12 months have revealed is that communication – clear, regular, transparent – is key. This is why HR Grapevine spoke to BT about what it has learned about communication over the last few months, and what HR needs to do going forward. There’s also a feature on whether the four-day week could be one fix for coronavirus working issues and how activism might shape work in 2021.

The whole of the issue explores what is changing about work cultures and what HR needs to do, not just to respond, but to lead too...