New podcast | The state of play for remote work in 2024

The state of play for remote work in 2024
The state of play for remote work in 2024

In this week's edition of the HR Grapevine podcast, host Kieran Howells sits down once again with Gethin Nadin, an award winning author who serves as CIO at Zellis, and Jacqui Summons, a prominent Chief People Officer herself, and an NED at Zellis.

The trio explore some fresh and often under-considered elements in the ongoing debate around remote working, and employee experience.

As Nadin highlights in the conversation, "a lot of people are clearly still grappling with what remote working or hybrid working looks like."

About Zellis

Zellis are the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of payroll and HR solutions. They have over 50 years of heritage and industry experience – and have been ahead of the curve throughout.

Their focus is on delivering successful partnerships with customers, helping to deliver successful business outcomes, provide modern and intuitive digital experiences, and – most importantly – make every employee feel appreciated for the work they do.

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