Upskilling and reskilling for the future

Discover the secrets of leadership excellence in today's dynamic business landscape. Explore exclusive global insights from the 7th Annual Leadership Survey by Wilson Learning and Training Magazine. Discover the critical role of leadership investment, top-priority skills, and the transformative power of change leadership. This article offers actionable strategies and data-driven insights for thriving in an ever-changing world.

In the ever-shifting landscape of the business world, there's one thing that stands as the bedrock of success—effective leadership. The ability to navigate challenges, inspire teams, and embrace change defines exceptional leaders. So, what's the secret to nurturing these leaders and staying ahead of the curve? The answer lies in data-driven insights that illuminate the path to leadership excellence.

Investment in Leadership Development: A Global Imperative

Across the globe, organisations are prioritizing leadership development. Wilson Learning, along with the Training Magazine, conducted their 7th Annual Leadership Survey, and the data from the survey reveals that, on average, organisations invest $139 USD per employee in training.

Let that sink in. This isn't just an investment; it's a testament to the recognition of leadership's pivotal role in success.

It means that organisations that prioritise upskilling their leaders and sales teams are more likely to stay ahead of the curve. A significant investment in training can lead to a more agile and adaptable workforce, perfectly positioned to navigate the shifting sands of the market.


Leadership Skill Priorities: A Universal Focus

In the pursuit of leadership excellence, certain skills consistently take centre stage, transcending borders and industries. According to the survey, several skills took the spotlight globally. Let's delve deeper into these skills and their significance:

  • Coaching/Developing Others: Envision a world where leaders actively nurture the growth of their teams, where mentorship isn't just a buzzword but a daily practice. This skill claims the top spot globally, with an overwhelming consensus on its importance.
  • Strategic Development and Alignment: The Survey underscores the importance of strategic development and alignment in today's dynamic business landscape as organisations across regions mark it as one of the most important leadership skills. A well-crafted strategy is a compass that guides organisations through constant change, helping them seize emerging opportunities. Prioritising strategic development not only enhances leadership effectiveness but also fosters alignment across the organisation, creating an agile and cohesive workforce prepared for tomorrow's challenges.
  • Adaptive Thinking and Problem-Solving: In the rapidly changing business landscape, leaders who can pivot and solve complex problems are invaluable. This skill is indispensable, resonating across the globe as a top priority. This skill was in the top 7 leadership skills for all regions.
  • Change Leadership: This skill is seen as a global priority due to its crucial role in navigating today's dynamic business landscape. Across regions, this skill ranks prominently among leadership development priorities. In an era marked by change and disruption, effective change leaders are invaluable assets, guiding teams through transformational journeys. By honing these skills, organisations build resilience and embrace change-driven opportunities for long-term success in an ever-evolving world.

Unveil the Full Picture

One may wonder how they can leverage these insights to drive success within their organisation? The answer lies in the Global Leadership Survey eBook—an invaluable resource teeming with data, best practices, and actionable strategies.

But Wait, There's More...

  • 65% of organisations worldwide indicate that their investment in leadership development has been somewhat or highly effective. This suggests that, with the right approach, you can anticipate tangible results.
  • Globally, 53% believe that hybrid work arrangements have had a positive impact on leadership effectiveness. The workplace is evolving, and leadership must evolve with it.

In today's business landscape, adaptability is the currency of success. By aligning their leadership and sales strategies with the trends uncovered in the Global Leadership Development Survey, one can achieve the agility and excellence that the market demands. Download the eBook and take the first step today.