Learning transfer | The Learning Journey must-haves you can't afford to ignore

Manager-led coaching: it works, and for good reason.

But what Learning Journey must-haves will ensure new skills are effectively applied? You’ve watched the video, seen the tech, you like the experiential style – but which approach can galvanise the impact of your learning transfer?

At Wilson Learning, we’ve done our research.

We found that organisations who provide their managers with the same training as their employees, in addition to training in an effective coaching process, can boost the impact of the programme’s learning transfer by more than 40 per cent.

In fact, training managers on both content and coaching skills is more than twice as effective as coaching skills training alone – and four times more effective than just encouraging managers to coach.

So what’s the first step to a blended Learning Journey that enables your teams to adapt and grow? Find out in our free to download pdf.

Our practical advice shows why managers whose training leaves them ill-prepared for developmental coaching will fail as coaches – and reveals the six critical skills every manager must have to coach effectively and drive team success.

We also share the five crucial questions to ask as you prepare your managers not just to coach, but to coach to the skills your employees are learning. Because unless your managers can provide meaningful feedback and role clarity, based on knowledge, you will lose more than half the potential impact of the manager coaching. As 2021’s uncertainty continues to tighten investment in training, that’s a fact no organisation can afford to ignore.

Want to know more about your Learning Journey must-haves? 

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