Innovation | Understanding the Future of HR Service Delivery

Understanding the Future of HR Service Delivery

Traditional HR service delivery can drain resources and frustrate employees. An HR help desk centralises requests, integrates with existing tools, prioritises tasks, and offers analytics. Personio Conversations is an HR help desk that can revolutionise your organisation's service delivery.

Every day, HR managers are inundated with important requests from employees. While important in their own rite, these requests get in the way of the meaningful, strategic work that many teams want to accomplish.

In order to maintain that high bar of delivery alongside delivering more impactful organisation-wide initiatives, HR teams need to maintain a tricky balance. In this article, we outline how to maintain that balance by focusing on the future of HR service delivery.

What is HR Service Delivery?

To begin, a bit of context: We can understand HR service delivery as the role an HR team plays in intaking, managing and responding to employee requests. It is an HR team’s role in managing a wide variety of incoming inquiries from their workforce.

There’s a wide range of examples. Some may include:

  • Support requests (like helping a new hire relocate)

  • Directional requests (like looking for a policy)

  • Consultative requests (like filing a whistleblowing complaint)

When compared to more inherently strategic functions, like workforce planning or talent management, HR service delivery is the first point of contact for employees who have questions or need assistance.

Is HR Service Delivery Blocking Great HR Work?

The fact of the matter is that service delivery for HR teams absolutely needs to happen. Employees have important questions that HR needs to answer, so it’s never going to be a question of not responding to employees.

That said, there is a proven drain on resources when it comes to service delivery that can be improved. Take some recent research from Personio, for example, which found that your average HR manager spends 3.5 hours each week managing employee enquiries.

That is time that quickly adds up, especially when it is spent on simply managing requests or fulfilling low-priority requests.

At the same time, it can also be frustrating for your average employee. That same research from Personio found that 90% of employees lose time to tasks not related to their core job.

The Future of Service Delivery: HR Help Desks

A great HR service delivery model will check all of the following boxes:

  • It will centralise employee requests in one place

  • It will integrate with the tools your team already uses

  • It won’t simply cover basic requests – it should encompass IT, legal, etc.

  • It will allow HR teams to prioritise, track and automate request types

  • It will offer an analytics function to track the progress of requests

All of these things can be found in an HR help desk.

An HR help desk refers to HR service delivery software used to centralise and solve employee requests. It empowers HR teams to minimise time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks and make time for what matters – their people.

Especially for any growing SME with certain levels of complexity, an HR help desk can help your organisation save time while also saving employee frustration. No more waiting, no more searching – just fast, effective support.

Great Service Delivery with Personio Conversations

An HR help desk may be exactly the solution your organisation needs. For that reason, we want to quickly introduce you to Personio Conversations.

Personio Conversations is an employee concierge that houses every employee request, from multiple channels, in one place for your entire organisation.

Using Personio Conversations you can:

  • Streamline your HR service delivery, company-wide.

  • Tackle requests faster and avoid cumbersome delays.

  • Satisfy employees by reaching them where they communicate.

  • Ensure fairness and compliance without adding more work.

If delivering a higher level of service is a priority for your organisation, while also opening up time for your HR teams to focus on more pressing matters, you should definitely consider investing in an HR help desk of some kind. It can revolutionise the way you work.

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