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Top candidate sourcing channels, biggest priorities and challenges ahead

Eploy and HR Grapevine surveyed over 700 recruiters (90% in-house, 10% agency) to determine the top candidate sourcing channels and recruitment marketing techniques that deliver the best results.

In this insight, we share some of the highlights of the UK Candidate Attraction Report 2024, now available to download as a free-of-charge 82-page report!

Since its inception, the report has provided detailed insight into hiring challenges and how various sectors approach talent acquisition. This is the 8th UK Candidate Attraction Report; once again, hundreds of you participated. We received responses from across all industries and company sizes. The result is a candid understanding of the differences between the various demographics.

Top candidate sourcing channels

Sourcing channels surveyed include company website/career site, talent pools, professional social networks, generalist job boards, specialist job boards, events, social media, employee referrals, CV databases, job aggregators, programmatic advertising and PSLs.
Recruiters rated their main sourcing channels by the quantity and quality of candidates they typically generate. The results are charted within a ‘Sourcing Channel Quadrant’ (as shown), enabling recruiters to identify the effectiveness of each channel.

The full report further breaks down the results by industry and company size, and there are noticeable differences in what sourcing channels work best depending on the industry/sector.

Challenges – some remain, and some are new

For the eighth year, the biggest recruitment challenge remains the lack of suitably qualified/skilled/experienced candidates, affecting 61% of organisations. Building a diverse and inclusive workforce was the second key challenge for candidate attraction (34%).

The third most significant challenge is advertising salaries lower than the market average, affecting 31%.

Candidate sourcing priorities

A new category in the report looks at the top candidate sourcing priorities. With 67% affected, candidate experience takes the top spot as the biggest priority. Even though hiring levels have reduced slightly from last year, Recruitment marketing budgets continue to be under strain, and there are questions about whether this will satisfy the demand for new hires.

Are you satisfying candidate expectations?

The report looks at online candidate experience to identify what candidate features the best-performing company career sites employ. Top features include applications being automatically sent to the ATS, automatic CV parsing to minimise data entry, candidates saving a partially completed application, candidates creating an account while applying, and the ability to manage their data privacy preferences.

This is a small snapshot of the valuable insights this survey seeks to uncover. The 82-page report looks at the talent sourcing workflow, candidate-centric careers sites, candidate attraction funnel and more!

Your copy of the Candidate Attraction Report awaits…..

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