Employee Relations | How to navigate employment tribunals

How to navigate employment tribunals

For employers and particularly SMEs, there is cause for concern and a need for increased awareness around the risks when dismissing individuals following the abolishment of employment tribunal fees.

Since employment tribunal fees were abolished in 2017 there has been a remarkable increase in the number of employment tribunals cases as there is no barrier if employees feel they have been unfairly treated at work.

There is also pressure on organisations to replace zero-hour contracts, and we're seeing a shift towards the use of employment contracts. The move provides 'casual workers' with employee status and entitlement to claim for unfair dismissal, redundancy payment, maternity pay and leave.

Employers, particularly SMEs need to ensure that employee relations cases are well documented, managed effectively and policies are adhered to. Many are choosing to adopt an electronic automated system to manage these cases to ensure they are compliant.

The following paper discusses processes to navigate employment tribunals, such as monitoring and tracking employee relations cases, and the steps you can take to manage your employee relations cases more effectively.

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