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Don't Wait For A Superhero To Save The Day

Why do some people get to the top of their game and stay there?

It’s so tempting to assume that top performers lead charmed lives, that they are somehow pre-ordained with the innate ability to get results. After all, doesn’t that let the rest of us off the hook? Surely, if top performers have supernatural powers, it can’t be our fault if we compare unfavourably.

If top performers really are organisation superheroes it’s not because they wear capes and fly - top performers save the day because they are four times more productive than the average person, meaning they generate a far greater ROI for the organisation.

But, it’s false (and unfair) to think that fate is the reason behind their peak performance. Just like anyone else, top performers have to deal with setbacks, obstacles, insecurities, criticism, difficult relationships, work/life balance dilemmas and motivation slumps.

We all face these situations, so why do some people thrive while others fall by the wayside?

What separates top performers from the rest has less to do with some ethereal power and everything to do with their mindset.

People with fixed mindsets tend to believe that their intelligence, personality and character is carved in stone, so they avoid challenging situations and give up easily. As a result, they tend to plateau early and don’t reach their true potential.

However, people with growth mindsets believe that they can develop; they try new things, embrace challenges, persist despite obstacles, see failure as an opportunity to learn and understand that their effort and attitude determines the quality of the results they achieve.

Now, these sound like the characteristics of a top performer!

The good news is that, with practice, anyone can develop a growth mindset which means you too could rise to the top and reach ever higher levels of achievement.

Working with an executive coach can make a big difference in helping you to achieve a growth mindset. A coaching relationship offers you the perfect chance to challenge any fixed beliefs you may be harbouring that are getting in the way of your progress. With the right executive coach, you’ll start to see all of the rich opportunities around you and be able to develop new pathways that will get you to the top of your own game and stay there.

So, don’t just look up to top performers as something otherworldly, learn from them and become one yourself.

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