Success | Senior Leaders Hail STAR® For Delivering Commercial Results

Senior Leaders Hail STAR® For Delivering Commercial Results

Notion’s STAR® Model has been having a positive impact and generating amazing results in a wide range of organisations for years.

Successes are measured in a number of ways for all of Notion’s programmes and they provide reports on the specific ROI that’s been generated.

Based on previous programmes Notion expect the successes to deliver between 5 and 100 times return on the original investment and now their revolutionary, 100% virtual, fully blended STAR® Manager programme has made the STAR® Model accessible for all line managers.

Click the image button below to hear from a selection of clients that have had their managers participate in Notion’s programmes that have incorporated STAR®.

Please get in touch with Notion to find out how you can turn your training initiatives into revenue drivers and achieve measurable ROI for your organisation. It’s great for you, your line managers, your FD/CFO and your CEO and MD!

Notion is a global expert in behaviour change and coaching. For more information about how STAR® can help you meet your goals, click here or call us for an informal chat on +44(0) 1926 889 885.

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