Career Development | 5 Key Questions That Will Accelerate Career Progression

5 Key Questions That Will Accelerate Career Progression
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“No-one is more invested in your career than YOU.”

People who over-rely on others to manage their careers for them are limiting what they can achieve. Those who really want to accelerate their career will reap rewards with a much more proactive, pragmatic and reflective approach, which can be achieved by keeping 5 questions in mind at those critical progression points.

Keep asking these 5 key questions:

1. Current State:  Where am I now?
2.Aspirations:Where do I want to be?
3.Options Available:   How do I get there?
4.Action Planning:How do I achieve this?
5.Review Progress:Am I nearly there yet?

Another perspective often helps

The reality is, in the thrust of our careers, being lucid enough to recognise each career juncture before it’s happened and then having the self-discipline to ask ourselves these questions rationally, is a tall order for most of us.

But can organisations who want to retain their talented employees afford to leave career development to chance?

The stakes are high. When careers stall, stagnation can creep in opening the door to problems with employee engagement, performance, productivity and talent retention.

Organisations that don’t want to take the risk can help people to adopt a more proactive, pragmatic and reflective approach to their careers by injecting executive coaching into on-boarding processes, performance management processes, talent management activities, succession planning and even their exit strategies. Executive coaches create safe spaces in which people can reflect on where they are now, where they want to be, how they will get there, how they will achieve their goals and ultimately help people to get to where they want to be.

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