Learning | What can organisations do to upskill their HR teams and why should they bother?

What can organisations do to upskill their HR teams and why should they bother?
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By now, most organisations have recognised that, if they want to survive and remain competitive in a VUCA world, they need to be able to adapt and respond effectively to change.

There is no escaping it: change is a very human issue; in spite of all the technological solutions that help organisations to do things bigger, better and faster, PEOPLE are still at the heart of most commercial success.

Having a high functioning HR team is, therefore, a vital source of competitive advantage. However, because HR teams can’t rely on best practice when dealing with unprecedented situations, people professionals must now develop a different set of skills that enable them to make decisions as new situations emerge.

The CIPD has recently released its latest profession map outlining a new international benchmark for people professionals. The map is said to have been designed to ‘evolve in line with the shifting landscape of the people profession’.1

The New Profession Map is based on a ‘principles-led, evidence-based, outcomes-driven’ approach and reflects a significant switch of focus from activity to impact which is bound to test the skills of many people professionals across the world.

An effective way that organisations can help their HR teams to develop these skills is to develop their ‘Operational Coaching’ skills. A good operational coach knows when to adopt an enquiry-led approach (ELA®) which enables them to get to the heart of the matter quickly by asking incisive questions and listening attentively. Rather than behind closed doors, this dialogue occurs ‘in the moment’, in everyday operational settings, giving it the power to change the course of events, resulting in highly relevant, more innovative and far better outcomes for all.

Organisations that have already enabled their people professionals to adopt new behaviours and accomplish these ‘Operational Coaching’ skills, by attending Notion’s OCP® or AIC® programmes, have experienced fantastic commercial results as a direct consequence of improved communication and collaboration, better decision making and greater levels of impact and influence, as well as a host of other benefits.

One major retailer, after just six months of starting the programme, achieved an ROI of 35x the original investment. 11 delegates alone reported an impressive 22 examples of measurable ROI, adding up to a total of over £1.1 million.

Here are a few examples of results achieved by people in HR and talent teams across a range of organisations:

“By being able to move my approach into coaching I was able to support an individual as they thought through a different way they could tackle a certain piece of work which had a significant commercial impact on the business. Through my approach, I was able to support her saving £700k from the overall budget for the project which she could reinvest elsewhere to gain a greater return.”

“My direct report was struggling with prioritisation - I used a coaching style of questioning and used the urgent/important matrix to support the conversation. As a result, her productivity has increased by about 10% so we're getting approx £3500 more value for money from her each year.”

“By focusing on my coaching style I have been able to support my team thinking through solutions on their own rather than always coming to me for answers as their manager. If I had to put a monetary value of this time saved I would estimate it to be approximately £12,000 per quarter.”

“By using insightful questions and getting one of my coachees to think about the solution to a problem himself, I was able to help him come to the conclusion that a particular project he was going to invest a significant proportion of his budget towards was not the right decision at this point of time. Through my coaching I was able to support him (and the business), saving the organisation the £100,000 he was going to spend.”

“Nothing has been more useful to me than Notion’s course & support in helping me improve the conversations I am having with my stakeholders at work. I have greater confidence in asking powerful questions, getting actions and recording results from my business area.”

The results speak for themselves. To experience results like these, organisations need to take swift action to equip their HR teams with the skills they need to operate in today’s highly changeable workplaces as the impact on organisational effectiveness is clear and tangible.

So, what are you doing to upskill your HR team?


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