Leadership | “Just Do THIS and You'll Be a Far Better Coach AND a Far Better Manager!”

“Just Do THIS and You'll Be a Far Better Coach AND a Far Better Manager!”
Promoted by “Just Do THIS and You'll Be a Far Better Coach AND a Far Better Manager!”

Find out what led the Head of People for an education and care business to make such a big claim after she attended one of Notion’s Coaching Skills Open Programmes.

This Head of People joined a cohort of other senior HR leaders operating in a wide range of industry sectors, including entertainment, hospitality, retail and aviation.

Together, they experienced Notion’s Accredited Coaching Skills Open Programme (which for some also included the ILM7 postgraduate certification) with the aim to further develop their coaching, leadership and management skills. Below are some of the insights that different senior leaders from the cohort have shared with us.

It Will Help You Be a Better Leader

The programme delivers even more than it promises. Delegates found that not only did they learn to become better coaches, they also learned much more about their own leadership styles, how they interact with people generally, and how they can work better with their teams for better outcomes.

“It’s fantastic. It doesn’t just teach you about how to implement coaching it also challenges your existing knowledge about how to treat people in general and that’s what I have found most rewarding.” James Marsh,Human Resources Manager at Planet Organic Ltd

“It has really led me to look at my leadership style, to look at how I can work with my team better and make them more empowered and it has just given me an incredible range of skills to be a better leader.” Sarah Sculpher, Chief Marketing Officer (EMEA) at London Clubs Management (Caesars)

“I can see over the last 6 months of working with Notion how much my leadership experience has improved.”

It Will Help You up Your Game

Many of the delegates already had a good knowledge of coaching and were actively coaching in their organisations and were surprised at how much they learnt on the programme.

“It’s been so interesting how I’ve been challenged. In the past when I’ve coached, I’ve asked that question and have got that coaching first response...I now understand that there is often a lot more underneath. The challenge is how do I better probe further to understand what the primary focus is.” Debbie Woodward, Director at RedHead Learning & Development Consultancy Ltd

“I’ve been a coach for many years but this has really upped my game and I’m really pleased I did it.” Amanda Harvey, Head of Learning & Talent Development - RSC at Mitchells & Butlers

You Will Be Supported by Experts

Getting the balance right between stretch and challenge and personalised support and care ensured that the delegates were in an environment where genuine learning could occur and confidence could soar. This was made possible by Notion’s expert tutors who have had senior commercial careers in their own right and are also active executive coaches working with senior executives in major organisations and achieving fantastic results.

“You are supported every step of the way by the tutors. They make it entirely doable.”

“The support from the tutors has been fantastic. It really is intense but you are supported every step of the way - much more so than on other programmes.”

It Will Push You out of Your Comfort Zone

Despite each delegate joining the programme with their own unique set of skills and experiences, under the expert tutelage of two of Notion’s world class executive coaches, they were able to have a bespoke learning experience that pushed them out of their individual comfort zones.

“This programme has been brilliant - I have found it to be challenging and intense - it pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone but you’re absolutely supported by the tutors all of the way.”

You Will Network and Learn with Other Industry Leaders

Support comes in more ways than one. Notion’s Coaching Director, Laura Ashley-Timms explains, “We don’t think learning should ever be an isolated experience so our programmes are designed in a way that enables our delegates to share experiences with other senior professionals and to build supportive networks that can continue long after the programme ends.”

“What I have most enjoyed about the programme is meeting other people from different work and organisational environments and the sharing of experiences.”

“The aspect of the programme that I have most enjoyed is having the opportunity to meet a whole range of people from different organisations, so that I can learn from them as well as Notion’s tutors who are excellent.”

It’s a Really Easy Way to Study

All of these delegates had progressed through Notion’s modular Coaching Skills Programme which enables them to approach their development as a coach in stages, helping them to build the confidence to work towards the ILM Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring.

“The one thing that tipped the balance for me to study the ILM Level 7 with Notion is the fact that I did my original accreditation with Notion. The workbooks, the course content and the quality of delivery from the tutors was really excellent which led me to continue my studies.” Helen Gardiner, HR Director at Ontic (a BBA Aviation Company)

“The thing that tipped the balance for me to study the ILM 7 is genuinely how much I have enjoyed the programme and how much I’ve taken from it.”

“The quality of content and the delivery has made it really easy to study and the interventions you get from the peer network also makes it very supportive and helpful.”

It’s worth Every Penny

Notion’s Coaching Skills Programme not only helped these delegates to become better coaches, it also taught them how to leverage coaching in their organisations so that coaching has a measurable impact on culture, engagement, performance and productivity. Notion’s focus on ROI is clear throughout the programme but do the delegates think they got value for money?

“It’s worth every penny that you pay for it and you will be a far better coach and actually a far better manager for doing it.” Jane Jarvis, Head of People at The Aurora Group

So, what would these delegates say to other people wondering whether to join Notion’s Coaching Skills Open Programme? Well, their resounding response was…

“Just do it!”

Notion is a global expert in behaviour change. For more information about our Coaching Skills Open Programme or our ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring click here or call us for an informal chat on +44 (0)1926 889 885.

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