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Learning | What You Really Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Executive Coaching?

What You Really Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Executive Coaching?
Promoted by What You Really Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Executive Coaching?

Do you want to find out how executive coaching could benefit your organisation? Are you already using executive coaches and want to know how to get even better results?

Notion’s Director of Coaching, Laura Ashley-Timms has three top tips for organisations that want to get the most out of executive coaching.

1. Have clear strategic objectives

“It’s really important for organisations to understand what they want to achieve from executive coaching and be clear about how this aligns to the broader organisational strategic objectives. For example, do you want to achieve your organisational goals faster? Challenge key leaders to drive increased commercial performance? Do you want to facilitate more effective leadership? Is talent mobility and retention the key focus, or is the organisation going through a period of significant change and wants to support key people through the change? Do you want to prepare managers for promotion or support leaders in new, and more strategic, roles to deliver value in these roles faster?

To get the most out of executive coaching, organisations need to align their executive coaching programmes to the needs of the organisation, as well as to the individual’s development plan.”

2. Improve communications

“Executive coaching is not always perceived positively. It can be offered to the wrong people, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. Sometimes it’s shrouded in secrecy and causes uneasiness in others. It’s not always integrated with other critical processes and can fail to make the desired impact. As a result coaching can become a ‘dirty’ word.

Organisations need to take steps to address these challenges and overcome them. Good communication and planning will transform the way executive coaching lands in an organisation.”

3. Demonstrate results

“Often, because of the confidential nature of the coaching relationship, executive coaching assignments can be vague and open-ended. Indeed, the tangible results of executive coaching are rarely reported. However, organisations need to know that it is possible to set clear goals, that can be measured and reported, that won’t interrupt the privacy of the coaching relationship. Being able to demonstrate the ROI and success stories of executive coaching will strengthen any executive coaching programme.”

If you want to hear more from Laura on the subject of executive coaching, watch this video and get ready to ask Laura any questions you might have about how to get the most out of executive coaching in our latest webinar.

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