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Everything You Need To Know About eLearning in 2019
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eLearning has been around for a while in some guise or another, however, perhaps not as a credible alternative to live programmes.

Early eLearning solutions simply didn’t meet the ‘real’ needs of the organisation or the learner, so whilst some organisations have dipped their toes in the water, many have had limited success. Until now. Times are changing quickly, and today’s technological landscape has created a massive opportunity for eLearning to grow at an exponential rate, and make a real difference to the way that people learn in organisations.

As a result, we have been on a quest to bring an innovative solution to the marketplace that can meet the needs of the FUTURE organisation. Crucially, we knew that if we were going to introduce a technological solution to the market, it had to ‘pack a punch’ and in many ways be able to outperform our ‘live’ programmes, as well as continue to deliver the behaviour change that has underpinned the commercial success typically achieved by our clients.

So, in 2018, Notion launched STAR® Manager, the latest advancement in behavioural change, which is a 100% virtual, fully blended, management development programme that helps managers transform their leadership style in a way that increases performance, productivity and engagement.

STAR® Manager leverages the very best of eLearning and live learning. Learners can access the programme at anytime, from anywhere, using any device and still take advantage of the knowledge and experience of expert coaches throughout the programme. What’s more, it’s cost effective and fully scalable which gives organisations the opportunity to truly impact the prevailing management culture.

What we discovered on our own journey, however, is that our clients needed more support and guidance about how to introduce eLearning into their organisations in an effective way: how to ready their organisations for change, how to get the technology right, how to ensure that the eLearning itself was useful and impactful, how to engage people in something different, and ultimately how to integrate eLearning into their organisations in a way that works.

Over the past couple of years, we have had to ask the hard questions that had to be answered if we were really serious about making eLearning work. In doing so we have generated many new insights that we hope will prove useful in guiding others through their own learning journey, and in some way, contribute to the overall quality and effectiveness of eLearning in organisations as a whole.

In our latest white paper ‘How to Make eLearning Work’, We’re pleased to share with you some of the insights we’ve gathered over the last two years and hope that we might help some organisations to do just that.

Part 1 looks at the rise of eLearning in the workplace and the limitations organisations need to overcome. Part 2 explores the conditions that need to exist for eLearning to work well. In Part 3, we ask the big questions and give guidance about how to implement eLearning strategies as well as offering a ‘blueprint tool’ that can be used to help design effective eLearning policies. Part 4 explores some future considerations for learning in an online world, and, finally, in Part 5, we reflect upon how important it is for organisations to re-evaluate their learning and development strategies in order to remain relevant and competitive in the new world.

Whether you're already advanced down the path of integrating eLearning into your L&D mix or just beginning to consider the way forward and want to learn how to harness the benefits of eLearning, Notion can share with you how to make eLearning work in your organisation in a way that suits your specific circumstances and needs.

Simply download our latest white paper How to Make eLearning Work, or call us for a free consultation on +44 (0)1926 889 885.

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