Learning | 8 Unique Features Of Notion's Postgraduate ILM Level 7 In Coaching and Mentoring That You Need To Know About

8 Unique Features Of Notion's Postgraduate ILM Level 7 In Coaching and Mentoring That You Need To Know About
Promoted by 8 Unique Features Of Notion's Postgraduate ILM Level 7 In Coaching and Mentoring That You Need To Know About

The ILM Level 7 certificate in coaching and mentoring is a fantastic qualification that develops your expertise and accredits your experience as a professional coach and mentor. It is a gold standard that is recognised far and wide.

Undoubtedly, if you want to deepen your knowledge and practice of coaching, the ILM offers a great framework to help you to achieve this. However, it’s important to find a training partner that can deliver exactly what you need. So, before embarking on an intensive study programme it’s worth getting to grips with what each training partner can offer you and then, crucially, work out whether that’s what you really want.

We know that most people don’t have the time to trawl through company information looking for the information they need - and let’s be frank - we don’t always know exactly what we’re looking for anyway. This uncertainty causes many people to delay making a decision which can be detrimental to their personal development.

That’s why at Notion we are completely transparent about what we do. Our superb programmes are extremely flexible, highly relevant, and customisable to your needs. In fact, our programmes are quite unique!

These 8 unique features set our programmes apart from the rest and will help you to quickly decide if our route to the ILM Level 7 qualification is right for you - we’re pretty confident it will be!


1. Expert Coaches and Tutors

Our world class tutors are actively coaching senior executives in major organisations and achieving fantastic results - right now. They’ve also had senior commercial careers in their own right so they understand how to cut through and get to the heart of the matter in order to help you to start making a difference straight away.

2. Peer Group

In our programme, you will join an exclusive group of senior executives and senior HR, L&D and OD professionals from major organisations operating in an array of industries. By learning alongside like minded peers who are experiencing similar challenges, not only will you gain a great understanding about what other organisations are doing in this field, you will also be able to add them to your own network so that you can support each other in the long term.

3. Support Structure

We don’t think learning should ever be a lonely experience so our programme is designed in a way that enables you to learn from experts, build networks, and continue to have touch points with us long after the programme ends. Our programme support structure is second to none and our dedicated team is always available to make sure you have the best possible learning experience.

4. Tools and Resources

We provide you with a wide mix of coaching tools, as well as a pragmatic and useable toolkit. You can also access our comprehensive management development resources which can be utilised in different situations, with different people, so that you will become an effective and agile coach.

5. Builds Up Over Time

One size fits all training solutions often end up fitting no-one at all! We have designed our programme in a way that gives you total flexibility. Our modular approach means that you can build up to the ILM Level 7 in stages, so, if you choose to pause and progress further at a later date, there is no need to start all over again.

6. Organisational Strategic View

There are many ways to learn how to be a coach but there are far fewer options that give you the skills to ensure coaching really makes a difference in your organisation. Our programme enables you to develop as a coach at the same time as learning how to leverage coaching and develop a coaching culture on a wider scale so you can meet the strategic objectives of your own organisation.

7. 100% Pass Rate

Our programme is the perfect way for you to achieve success as a coach. We leave no-one behind. Our fully supported programme, guided by expert tutors as well as a head office client success team, have together achieved a 100% pass rate, so we can be confident that you can go on to become great coach.

8. Measurable ROI

If coaching doesn’t make a difference how can you persuade your leadership team that it is strategically necessary? In our programme, we share with you how you can generate (and measure) massive ROI from coaching.

Interested? Do you want to know even more? What’s better than hearing about our programme directly from the people who have already chosen us. Here are just a few examples from previous delegates:

“This programme has been brilliant and in terms of other programmes I have attended I have found it to be challenging, intense, it pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone but you’re absolutely supported by the tutors all of the way.” Head of Learning and Development

“What I have most enjoyed about this programme is actually meeting other colleagues from other organisations, sharing experiences, and really being pushed out of my comfort zone and being challenged - it has just been a fantastic opportunity.” Director

“If someone was considering taking a similar programme I would say - Just Do It - it’s worth every penny that you pay for it and you will be a far better coach and actually a far better manager for doing it.” Head of People

“The aspect of the programme that I have most enjoyed is having the opportunity to meet a whole range of people from different organisations, so that I can learn from them as well as Notion’s tutors who are excellent.” Human Resources Manager

“How I’ve been challenged in this programme is that it has really led me to look at my leadership style, to look at how I can work with my team better and make them more empowered and it has just given me an incredible range of skills to be a better leader.” Chief Marketing Officer

“If you’re orientated towards doing a course in coaching then - Just Sign Up - because in terms of what I’ve achieved and the experiences I have had through the quality of content and the delivery has made it really easy to study and the interventions you get from the peer network also makes it very supportive and helpful.”

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