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Kick Start Your Team With A 63% Boost In Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving
Promoted by Kick Start Your Team With A 63% Boost In Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving

The beginning of a New Year. An exciting promotion. That feel good factor after a great holiday. These are just a few of many moments in our lives when we feel renewed and more inspired to take a fresh approach.

The trouble with this is that it’s all too easy for us to resort to tried and tested ways of doing things and our resolution to work differently, better, faster, soon wanes.

Wouldn’t it be far easier to stay in that creative flow in a work environment that encourages communication, ideas, questions and curiosity; where managers empower their people to take ownership and accountability for what they do; and where everyone can be more innovative, creative and solutions focused in their work everyday?

So, what’s getting in the way of you making these changes in your team right now? We can show you how you can boost innovation, creativity and problem solving by 63% right now.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if someone asked you a different, better question:

“What goals do you want to achieve this year?”

“What is important to you/us?”

“What are your options, however big or small, low-key or crazy?”

“What else do you want to find out?”

“What do you already know that is helpful?”

“What don’t you know that you could find out?”

“What has to happen to move you towards your goal?”

“What small step can you take today?” 

“What else can you do?” 

“What support or resources can you get?” 

“What’s getting in your way?”

“What corrective action can you take?”

“How will you know you’ve been successful?”

“What will you do next?” 

“How will you do it?”

“When will you do it?” 

Might you feel more confident, resourceful, supported and empowered? What would you do differently as a result?

Don’t stop there. Now imagine what your team could achieve if you incorporated this into your own everyday leadership style and asked these types of questions ‘in the moment’, when it really mattered. Wouldn’t they feel more listened to, empowered to think for themselves and more likely to collaborate, take action and own the results they achieved? Meanwhile, instead of always having to be there to tell others what to do, and having to have all of the answers yourself, just imagine what you could achieve if you freed up even more time for innovation and problem solving at a strategic level.

Fortunately, we can help turn your imagination into reality because we have spent almost two decades working with clients, most of whom are household names and feature in the FTSE 500, to prove how taking an ‘Enquiry-Led ApproachTM’ can boost innovation, creativity and problem solving. Our programmes revolutionise the way things get done by transforming leader and manager behaviour in a way that helps them to harness much high levels of innovation, creativity and problem solving in their teams.

We can now deliver these results faster and more flexibly than ever before with our new, revolutionary 100% virtual, fully blended management development programme STAR® Manager. STAR® Manager is a game changer and has already proven that it can achieve massive uplifts in innovation, creativity and problem solving within just a few months.

Organisations that have launched STAR® Manager are already seeing a 63% INCREASE IN INNOVATION, CREATIVITY AND PROBLEM SOLVING.

STAR® is making a difference in the financial and professional services sector, in retail, hospitality, logistics and in academia. Could it help get the creative juices flowing in your organisation?

Call us now to book a complimentary consultation to learn how STAR® Manager can help to improve innovation, creativity and problem solving for you too.

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