The Importance of Coaching Supervision for Internal Coaches and Internal Coaching Functions

The Importance of Coaching Supervision for Internal Coaches and Internal Coaching Functions
The Importance of Coaching Supervision for Internal Coaches and Internal Coaching Functions

Since Executive Coaching established itself in the mainstream as an effective intervention for improving individual and business performance, its transformative impact has been evidenced by a growing number of internal coaches and coaching functions inside organisations.

The Internal Coach and the internal coaching function are ideally placed and ever present in the organisation, providing the perfect conditions for coaching to happen at the point of need. However, this proximity and interdependence also raises a number of potential difficulties for the coach.

The Internal Coach predominantly undertakes a dual role with divided obligations and a shortage of time. And the internal coaching function has to navigate organisational barriers and politics that an independent Executive Coach is unlikely to be exposed to.

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For both the Internal Coach and the internal coaching function, qualified supervision is not only desirable but it is also essential for sustainable and effective coaching practice.

So what exactly is Coaching Supervision?

Coaching supervision is a working alliance with a qualified coaching supervisor to help the coach develop ethical competence, confidence and creativity in the interests of their coachee's growth and their own wellbeing.

Supervision, enables the Coach to:

  • Keep a questioning and reflective eye on the work that they are doing
  • Work with another to help them extend their perspective supporting the development of their own ‘Internal Coach’
  • Access support and challenge that is needed to help the coach continue to grow and develop

7 Ways to Get the Most from your Supervision Session

  1. Review and reflect on specific coaching sessions and explore other ways of handling situations
  2. Plan for future coaching sessions and identify ways to challenge yourself as a coach
  3. Discuss confidential information that is troubling you
  4. Explore or revise new tools around common themes
  5. Explore how you operate as a coach, how you approach the coaching relationship and more generally, how to add value to the the processes you adopt
  6. Discuss informal coaching relationships, e.g. direct reports
  7. Receive coaching on a specific issue and then dissect what worked and didn’t work about the session

Why is it important?

Active and time short accredited coaches may question the value of investing in Coaching Supervision. However the return on investment is significant. It has been demonstrated that as little as 10 minutes reflection can increase performance by 18-25%. Supervision is not just a nice to do activity. When put into practice in a structured programme, it will increase self efficacy, motivation and performance which has a generative impact on coach and coachee alike.

At Notion we have one of the most experienced and highly qualified supervision teams in the UK. We offer supervision programmes that enhance the quality of coaching and improve the coaching experience to ensure that coaching delivers a tangible impact on the organisational agenda.

For more information about Notion’s fully managed Supervision programmes and comprehensive range of Supervision and CPD interactions, contact Notion on +44 (01926) 889 885 or visit our website


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