REVEALED: What jobseekers hate about hiring managers

REVEALED: What jobseekers hate about hiring managers

In a jobs market in which the type of jobs on offer are constantly evolving, alongside a skills gap estimated to be costing the UK economy circa £2billion-a-year, recruiters are increasingly tasked with finding specialised skills and top-notch candidates.

However, if their own efforts to convince candidates are sub-par, it opens them up to ridicule and can exasperate the most patient of applicants.

In a Reddit thread, jobseekers have opened up about what riles them up about recruiters, when they’re working with them to get new positions.

Some of these are justifiable, some are the result of laziness and others are just downright unprofessional.

Below, we’ve collated some recruiter habits that rile jobseekers the most.

Poorly structured advert

Reddit user Incirclesdae wrote: “Job ads which insist applicants must have perfect spelling/grammar and strong attention to detail, whilst the ad itself is riddled with typos, spelling errors and poor grammar. Hiring managers and recruiters hiring for positions which insist applicants have a high attention to detail and strong writing skills, while their own emails are riddled with poor spelling, typos and bad grammar.”

Leaving not time for questions in an interview

Reddit user JuanPabloElSegundo wrote: “What sets off the red flag for me is when the interviewer leaves no time (or doesn't open the opportunity) for you to ask questions. It's a two-way street - I want to know about you just as much as you want to know about me.”

Shoddy interviews

Reddit user Astat1ne, wrote: “One thing I've always found odd is when a company talks about wanting the best but puts minimal effort in. In most cases when I've interviewed for roles, the interview has lasted less than 30 minutes and is pretty trite ("What's your greatest weakness?" type questions). Considering I'm being interviewed for fairly senior technical IT roles with high salaries, I would've expected a bit more rigor.”

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