Should you be giving your staff an MOT?

Should you be giving your staff an MOT?

Whilst UK car drivers will be used to checking on the state of their vehicle, how many employers are checking in on the state of their workforce?

For some employers, wellbeing programmes are now a given. However, not all organisations are on board, which is why start-ups, like Mobile Health MOT, are now popular.

Despite a recent Gallup study revealing that only about 12% of employees feel their wellbeing is improved by their employer, the industry alone is worth circa £5billion a year in the US.

Which is why firms like Mobile Health MOT employing a crack-team of nurses, to go into workplaces to help employers understand, and improve, the health and wellbeing of their staff are gaining attention.

Colin Nicholson, Founder, Mobile Health MOT, explained that the checks improve staff morale and can cut overheads right down as days aren’t lost for sickness.

He also explained how one check changed an employee’s life. He said he was speaking to one young employee who believed he was in good health – but wasn’t.

Speaking to The Oxford Mail, Nicholson said: “During the check-up we chatted through these headaches. I checked his blood pressure, as well as his cholesterol level, which came back on the high side, so we advised he should see his GP within the next few days.”

Tests revealed that he had a benign cyst about the size of a golf ball on the brain. Nicholson admitted that “his work-place health screening literally saved his life.”

Although a RAND Corp. researcher said that employees with “never, ever” see an ROI on wellbeing programmes, for the employee who had his life saved by one, he might disagree.

For HR, with an increased focus on wellbeing from all angles, it’s up to them whether they choose to go in-house, outsource or not react at all.

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