These are the biggest distractions for remote workers

These are the biggest distractions for remote workers

The workplace is full of distractions: be it streams of unnecessary emails, constant phone calls or water-cooler gossip, we all fall prey to office distractions at one point or another through the day – often to the detriment of productivity.

A recent survey from found that employees who work from home experience three times fewer distractions and disturbances during their working day. After interviewing  1,135 UK workers, made up of both home workers and office workers, the report found that 33% of office-based workers admitted that they experience an average of ten or more distractions during their working day.

A spokesperson for commented on the findings: "There is a common misconception that offices are a more productive working environment. It’s clear that distractions in the office are a bit of an issue for many workers.”

And the data seemingly supports this assertion. Cold-calling was named as one of the most distracting factors for those working from home (56%), followed by deliveries (54%).

45% of remote workers also said that their partner distracted them when they were supposed to be working. However, 34% of home workers also claimed that they were able to ignore these distractions whilst working from home.

What’s more, 27% said that even with such distractions they still felt they were more productive at home than when they work from the office.

“Employers looking to reduce this problem could provide their workers with opportunities to occasionally work from home,” Davies advised, “particularly when working on complex projects requiring a lot of concentration; and if this isn’t an option they could create quiet spaces or breakout areas for staff to use to focus on their work, away from distractions.”

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