Tech Crunch: The smartwatch that could change candidate feedback forever

Tech Crunch: The smartwatch that could change candidate feedback forever

Job interviews can be stressful, regardless of how experienced the individual is, but now there is a smartwatch that can help.

Imagine if Jiminy Cricket was an artificial intelligence program for social situations – that’s what researchers from MIT have managed to create. It doesn’t mean the candidate becomes a puppet like Pinocchio, but is instead coached based on the audio and physiological data detected.

The AI software can detect the mood of a conversation in real-time through an analysis of the speaker’s tone, pitch, energy and vocabulary. It also measures the movement, heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature of the wearer using the sensors in the Samsung Simband. 

The creators Mohammad Ghassemi and Tuka Al Hanai, of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), worked on the technology to benefit those with disorders like Asperger’s. Allowing those affected by social conditions, or anxiety, to successfully navigate a job interview – or even a date.

However, the AI isn’t exclusive to those with autism. Ghassemi says: “Ultimately, it could be used by everyone to improve communication.”

Speaking to Newsweek, he continues: “Technology has done a lot to connect people but even though it helps us communicate, it hasn’t done much to improve those communications.

“This system can help people with anxiety or conditions like Asperger’s understand which moments in a social interaction led to positive outcomes and which led to negative outcomes.”

Unfortunately, the technology only measures the wearer’s vitals. Meaning that it cannot detect the interviewer’s mood, or their perception of the candidate.

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