The missing ingredient to cultural change

The missing ingredient to cultural change
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You probably have your own perceptions of what coaching is. Perhaps you already engage Executive Coaches to work with specific individuals or maybe you operate your own internal coaching function. And maybe, coaching just hasn’t delivered the results you had hoped for? Operational Coaching offers an alternative that can transform the way you think about coaching in your organisation. This change in mindset can revolutionise the way people engage with each other and can deliver truly remarkable commercial results. Notion’s Managing Director, Dominic Ashley-Timms challenges the common perceptions about coaching by firstly telling us exactly what Operational Coaching is not.

It is not…The GROW Model

There are a number of different coaching models which are all derivatives of the GROW model. They are popular and useful but they are also executive coaching models. They are designed for one to one coaching sessions in a formal setting, for the benefit of the coachee. We questioned why coaching simply wasn’t breaking out as a management style or behaviour. We realised that all the models ‘out there’ were focused on the coachee rather than helping the manager to change and embrace a new behaviour. After several years of research and development, Notion’s STAR® model became the first operational coaching model designed solely to help managers to develop coaching as a habitual behaviour.

It is not…Long and Structured

A typical executive coaching session will follow a formal structure, guided towards an outcome for that individual. Operational coaching is often unstructured. It could occur in a chance encounter and it could take as little as 30 seconds. Operational coaching conversations sometimes can be exactly one question long. By using an ‘enquiry-led’ approach and choosing to ask questions rather than to tell, in that moment, you open up the opportunity to pull from someone a different, unexpected and perhaps unique response.

It is not…Separate and Infrequent

Typically, executive coaching models do not lend themselves to an operational environment. Managers attend training to learn to be an Executive Coach and then return to the workplace with a new skill they don’t have the opportunity to apply. Life moves at a hundred miles per hour - finding the opportunity to schedule a coaching meeting for the 16-20 people the manager has spoken to that day - simply does not work. Operational coaching can be applied in a split second, in every interaction, on the fly.

It is not…Ineffectual

Executive coaching, if not managed effectively, can be perceived as ‘fluffy’. When adopting the STAR® model, managers discover that their employees have genuinely creative ideas and solutions that they would otherwise be unaware of. Both parties benefit from the increased empowerment and ownership of solutions. It is beneficial in that singular moment, but as trust grows and results are achieved, it becomes transformative in nature, giving it the potential to impact future situations. Of course, managers also have to entertain the idea that some (perhaps most) ideas and solutions are better than their own!

It is not…Abstract and Unrelated to the Matter in Hand

In an executive coaching session, the coach will focus on what the coachee wants to achieve. This may or may not relate to current business challenges; but what is certain is that the scheduled formal coaching session will not be happening in the moment. The one thing that we found from all of our research is that most coaching conversations that happen on the fly deal directly with the “matter at hand.” This gives each coaching conversation a demonstrable link to a business result. For one client, we analysed 500 coaching conversations and found that 76% were absolutely related to business: technical issues, cost savings, revenue and improving operations. The value of helping people adopt a coaching style and inculcating managers with the ability to utilise it in an operational setting, is clearly evident.

Operational Coaching Is…

  • Unique, using the STAR® model
  • Often unstructured
  • Frequent
  • Highly business relevant
  • Short
  • Spontaneous
  • Transformative
  • Immediately demonstrable in tangible results

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