Reaping reward through tailored training

Reaping reward through tailored training
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Reaping reward through tailored training

The world of learning and development (L&D) is vast. There are copious amounts of learning methods – from day-long training courses, to online learning, to mentoring. And what’s more, everyone likes to learn in different ways. Last year our Skills Confidence report revealed that the majority of people prefer to learn on the job (68%), followed by learning from colleagues (42%) and online/elearning (28%).

With so many choices and the increased use of technology, it’s unsurprising that organisations can often be afraid of what methods will reap the best rewards.

But you shouldn’t be afraid to try things out and find what works best for your organisation. That’s the key message from Kineo, a City & Guilds Group business, in the latest Learning Insights 2017: Progress with purpose report.

The report – now in its fifth year – recognises that when it comes to L&D, some things will never change; it’s still facing the same themes, challenges and concerns that it always has. But, things are progressing. And a key to this is businesses clearly defining objectives and purpose so they make the right choices about what programmes they should try or adopt – as well as knowing what employees need and want.

Take Unipart Group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturing, logistics and consultancy companies. Its previous training programme was not reaching the needs of its employees. To tackle this, it established an online coaching system so that any individual, regardless of their experience, skills or background, could develop their skills to help them in their role and achieve their aspirations. The programme is underpinned by a structured learning process and allows participants to control the pace and approach to learning that best suits them.

The programme has seen huge benefits, from business growth to an increase in employee satisfaction. As a result, Unipart was one of 33 organisations to be awarded a Princess Royal Training Award – an awards programme delivered by the City & Guilds Group to celebrate and recognise the impact of training and development on business performance.

This is just one example of how an organisation has identified the needs of its employees and dared to try something new – and in this case, it worked.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get it right every time – but that doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter if the steps you make are big or small as long as you have a defined purpose and can roll with the changes. You never know, you may receive royal recognition.

The Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 are now open for entry. For more information and to apply, please visit:

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