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Streamline your learning
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We share our insights on how to make your training courses efficient, effective, and engaging for colleagues

Want inspiration? Click here to check out our example interactive online training pack.


 1. Take it Online

eLearning has the upper-hand over more traditional training methods for a plethora of reasons:


  • It reduces disruption by allowing colleagues to complete training from the comfort of their own desks. This also eliminates time-wasted travelling to and from training sites and the associated travel costs incurred
  • It allows colleagues to learn at their own pace, ensuring the information learned is retained and colleagues remain engaged with their training
  • It is an efficient way to produce training materials. Quite aside from the environmental perks of going paperless, you’ll save a fortune in printing costs! Plus, crucially, online learning is quick and simple to update, meaning any changes to course content or new training materials can be applied instantly and centrally
  • Online learning materials can be accessed on-the-go from anywhere in the world. This makes them the perfect learning tool for international businesses, as you can provide training for your overseas colleagues without the hassle of negotiating time differences. They’re also ideal for colleagues who are busy and often travelling, as online materials can be accessed from mobiles, tablets and laptops


2. Be interactive

Don’t just take your original training materials and plonk them online! To make your learning truly engaging, you should incorporate different interactive elements


  • Why not include video? This allows you to convey specific processes and scenarios to learners in a very visual way. It’s more interesting and engaging for learners and reduces the chance of information being ‘lost in translation’, which can happen when you opt for lengthy written instructions
  • Test your learners with quizzes, polls, and surveys. These fun testing methods will keep your learners motivated and engaged, while also tracking their progress and ensuring they’re taking in the course content
  • Include links to other useful webpages, online resources, and contacts. This will provide a fuller learning experience for your colleagues and encourage them to continue learning even after the course is completed. Online training packs give you the flexibility to actually include the links within the documents, which means colleagues are far more likely to access the web pages and resources


3. Certify your learning

It’s not enough to simply send out your training materials. It’s essential to monitor your colleagues progress, and to certify learners who complete the course. This:

  • Ensures you have up-to-date information on who has completed the training
  • Allows you to compare colleagues’ results in any quizzes or tests
  • Rewards colleagues for completing the training with a physical certificate, giving them a sense of accomplishment

Now it’s even easier to make your own interactive learning packs and track the results of each of your employees.

Our example uses a Fire Test for the fictitious brand, London Park Hotel. There are just a couple of simple questions and, when completed, the system will automatically send you a personal certificate valid for three months


Click here to try the certified test


Using PageTiger it’s easy to add your own content, create your own tests and brand the design to your company

If you’d like to see how it's done then the certified learning template will be launching at tomorrow’s Learning Technologies (London Olympia 11am) with video streaming at

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