Retention | Mapping the future of engagement for the workforce of today

Mapping the future of engagement for the workforce of today
Mapping the future of engagement for the workforce of today

We live and work in times of rapid digital transformation, where the fundamental rules of engagement and hiring have changed forever.

Sustainable engagement and retention is certainly no longer as dependent on pay rises and monetary reward as it used to be; the focus now leans ever closer toward our day-to-day experience of work.

Multinational companies have been forced to rethink their approach to global benefits strategy, as well as establishing a capable digital infrastructure to deliver it.

Unfortunately, budgets, strategy and support don’t always match requirements. The kind of tripartite relationship between client, intermediary and provider required to deliver fit-for-purpose benefit design and communications seems distinctly lacking. Consequently, essential tools for the mid to large corporate client, such as pooling – the kind of things that would help global companies develop a more strategic approach – are also being overlooked.

At Generali, our passion lies in enabling companies to navigate and thrive in today’s commercial world. We provide absence management solutions and wellbeing services, plus global coordination of benefits via multinational pooling, to international middle market players and global conglomerates alike. This puts us in an ideal position to help intermediaries and clients analyse and assess the impact of people risk strategies, and help define the blueprint for best practice on both a global and local level.

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