Success | Could Unified Communications (UC) be instrumental in making your HR team more effective?

Could Unified Communications (UC) be instrumental in making your HR team more effective?
Promoted by Could Unified Communications (UC) be instrumental in making your HR team more effective?

The HR department can be to a business what the engine is to a car.

In other words, it's often the beating heart of an organisation, helping to ensure that both new and established employees alike are making the most of their potential. Hence, the HR team itself needs to be at its best.

That's where the importance of a Unified Communications (UC) system can come into play. Here are several reasons why implementing one can pay dividends for your HR performance.

A unified communications system can be integrated seamlessly

Your HR professionals must be capable of communicating effectively with staff up and down the company - from line managers to outside stakeholders and the board. Therefore, it's reassuring that a UC system can be used to weave various tools together.

Furthermore, the integration of these communication tools, not only with each other but also your HR databases, can ease your efforts to interact with contacts and access their data simultaneously.

You can precisely route calls as you see fit

When you have control over precisely how calls are routed, you can more easily prioritise and manage calls, says SmallBizClub. Therefore, you can make timely, effective work of handling each customer, vendor and distributor with which your company operates.

Consider how, for example, the Horizon hosted phone system in Unified Communications by Gamma would let you forward incoming calls as well as transfer calls to any internal or external number.

Employees can work remotely

Naturally, your HR team would delight in giving your employees options - and those can include the option to work remotely. In one survey mentioned by Real Business, 77% of remote workers reported their belief that they were more productive when working outside the office.

Remote working has become especially practical due to the introduction of UC, which ensures that all of your workers, remote or office-based, can stay in close contact with each other as they work.

You can give yourself a larger talent pool to choose from

One common frustration of attempting to recruit new staff is finding that the perfect candidates are out of your geographical reach. In other words, they aren't based near the physical office and are unable or unwilling to move closer to it. However, UC can make such issues a thing of the past.

When you know that you can simply connect any recruits - whether they are located - straight into your UC system, you will take heart that you can often pick candidates on their talent alone.

Your HR team can make especially good use of Slack

You might understand Slack as the team-collaboration tool capable of turbo-charging your office's productivity. However, as Toolbox observes, Slack can also "significantly enhance HR processes, and there are even a growing number of HR-specific integrations for the platform".

So, whether your HR team seeks to improve onboarding, discuss company culture or praise and reward staff, Slack can be deemed a go-to tool. Implementing a UC solution can put Slack at your HR staff's disposal, too.

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