Leadership lessons from Wonder Woman

Leadership lessons from Wonder Woman

Coleen Highfield, Head of HR Operations at MoneyGram International, tells us what senior HR decision-makers can learn from Diana of Themyscira.

“With the recent changes in legislation forcing companies to disclose their gender pay gap, equality in the workplace is a topical issue. The City is filled with smart and successful working women trying desperately not to drop any plates – so here are my top tips to avoid driving yourself crazy in the process.”

1. Don’t apologise for being a woman

“You have strengths you probably take for granted. Women are natural relationship-builders. We are empathetic and great at negotiating conflict. We are expert problem-solvers, have oodles of common sense, and we are super resilient because we know there is always a solution. If I saw those qualities written on a CV, I’d want to hire that person on the spot.”

2. Never underestimate yourself

“You can cope with a lot more than you think you can. Women are natural and fantastic multi-taskers and simply, we get stuff done. Have confidence in yourself and it all be more manageable.”   

3. Accept you can’t be all things to all people and stop worrying about it

“You can’t be in two places at once so adopt a healthy and focused attitude so the guilt doesn’t stop you from being effective in the workplace and a great mother/sister/daughter/wife when you are at home.

“Don’t get caught up doing stuff that doesn’t add value, always keep your eye on the bigger picture and learn to say no to the stuff that will waste your time. Lastly, use your team if you have one. They will love the opportunity to grow and develop by taking on more.” 

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