Engaged learners, tastier pizzas: How Domino's delivered gamified L&D for 110,000 global workers

Learning engagement from Domino's workers across 12 global markets and 3,800+ stores has spiked following the roll-out of an adaptive, gamified training platform...

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited (DPE) is the world's largest international master franchisee of the US Domino's Pizza brand, with more than 3,800 stores across the globe. But with a vast international network comes the task of delivering unwavering quality, compromised by the inconsistency of training from store to store.

To meet this challenge, DPE has invested in creating an adaptive, gamified training platform that offers an engaging yet unified learning experience for its workers. Since implementing the program, Domino's locations across 12 global markets, comprising 3,800+ stores and a workforce of 110K+ employees, have consistently outperformed other branches.

So grab a slice, put your feet up, and hear from DPE’s Global Head of People Development, Matt Kershaw on the remarkable transformation journey.

Matt Kershaw

Global Head of People Development

Rapid rise: The challenge of consistent training throughout global expansion

It’s not just the delivery times that are quick. The rise of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has been rapid, having growth at pace predominantly through acquisitions into the Australian-based master franchise. Expansion into New Zealand, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia all happened in a short time. But it was able to replicate the success in new geographies and cultures, it also meant acquiring a swathe of distinct training and learning programs and platforms.

Kershaw, brought in as the global head of DPE’s Talent & Capability programs, was tasked with consolidating the unique approaches, defining uncodified training practices, and untangling duplicated efforts.

“We didn't have a clear way that we wanted to structure and deliver our training and learning, secondly how we delivered that,” he explains. “Because were growing so substantially, there was even inconsistency within markets on how training was being delivered.”

Engagement was another core challenge for DPE. Much of its workforce is young, mobile-centric employees who were calling out for bite-size learning rather than traditional learning packages, prompting the pizza company to consider how it could design a more compelling experience for the typical worker’s learning journey.

Inconsistent or incomplete training resulted in inconsistent customer experience. And if you’ve ever been disappointed by a pizza delivery that didn’t live up to expectations, you know first-hand how frustrating this could be – and how easily you could swear off ordering from that restaurant again.

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