How to nurture talent who want to be part of your employer brand

New hires will be keen to make their mark in your brand footprint...
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How to nurture talent who want to be part of your employer brand
Does your business have the 'kudos factor?

Kudos might not be the first thing you think of when attracting talent, but for many, the idea of working for a brand that is world-renowned, or has had a personal impact on them as an individual is often a big driving factor when a person applies for a job.

It's not just the 'big brands', either, that might lure someone to want to work with them. There are smaller niche brands that might have bring that 'kudos factor' to an applicant's interest. Branding puts a company 'out there' and that can, in turn, attract talent.

But it's important to bridge the gap between the apparent kudos of a brand that is shown through advertising or marketing, and the reality of working for that company. The two need to align if the talent who are lured by kudos are to stay.

individuals often find themselves drawn to employment opportunities with brands that exude a certain aura of coolness or possess widespread recognition. The desire to work for a cool or well-known brand often from a long-held appeal that extends beyond mere corporate success. It's about saying they work for you, about being able to put that brand name on their profile and CV, and to fly the flag for a brand they see as worthy.

Kudos factor: An 'any-level' challenge

At Pizza Hut, Chief People Officer Chris Taylor says the brand aims to "adopt a leadership approach to inspire, energise and instil a growth-focused mindset' in employees", with the talent/kudos blend is about all levels of employee.

"We are focused on cultivating winning ‘A’ teams across the business. This means adopting a leadership approach that will inspire, energise,and instil a growth-focused mindset, while also supporting our teams to fail fast and learn quickly, and the onboarding process is a key part of this," he says. "We aim to create better jobs to kickstart people’s careers and set them up for success, either internally or beyond Pizza Hut. We are pragmatic about the investment we put into all colleagues, and we accept that some will move on with those skills and capabilities. We will commit to giving people those skills and then if they choose, they can go and have a successful career in doing whatever they want to do."

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