Family Friendly HR | Lidl doubles its paid time off for maternity & adoption leave

Lidl doubles its paid time off for maternity & adoption leave

Lidl GB has become the first supermarket to introduce 28 weeks full pay for colleagues on maternity or adoption leave, doubling its current offering to employees.

From January 1st 2024, the discount supermarket will increase its paid Maternity and Adoption Leave, with colleagues now benefiting from over six months of full-pay, up from 14 weeks. The company says the move will not only support parents, but also set a new benchmark for others in the industry to follow.

As part of a raft of new employment benefits, Lidl has also announced that it will be introducing paid leave for those undergoing fertility treatment, entitling colleagues to two full days of paid leave per treatment cycle, with no limit to the number of cycles within which a colleague can avail of the policy.

Meanwhile, recognising the significant impact of pregnancy loss, bosses have also introduced five days of paid leave for anyone affected by pregnancy loss prior to 24 weeks, inclusive of partners.

Alongside its family-focused updates, Lidl has expanded its Compassionate Leave policy, increasing paid leave to five days.

Stephanie Rogers, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lidl GB, said: "We’re deeply committed to supporting our colleagues, not just in their professional lives but also through personal milestones and challenges. Over the past year, we’ve engaged closely with colleagues to see how we can better support those who are balancing work and family life.

“Whilst there is always more to be done, these latest enhancements to our Family Leave policies show our dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace and reinforce our ambition to be a first-choice employer."

Lidl is also in the process of becoming accredited as a menopause friendly employer, following the introduction of various measures, including menopause champions across the business and a menopause community group to support colleagues affected by menopause symptoms.

New & improved family-friendly policies

Lidl hopes its enhanced support for parents and parents-to-be will “set a benchmark” for others to follow, and new policies rolled out by other supermarkets could also help set a precedent.

In September 2023, Tesco announced it would grant equal rights to colleagues who have a Special Guardianship Order to care for relatives’ children - putting them on equal footing with colleagues who adopt - by giving them both 26 weeks’ leave on full pay.

The kinship leave, which will apply to grandparents or other relatives who take on a child of a family member, is intended to help kinship carers to be able stay in the workforce, while managing their extra responsibilities.

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The new policy, which makes the grocer one of the first UK retailers to support these carers, is among a raft of family-friendly policies Tesco announced that will benefit more than 300,000 colleagues from this week.

Tesco also announced:

  • Improved maternity leave to 26 weeks with full pay

  • Up to 12 weeks paid neonatal leave

  • Fertility leave extended to partners as well as birth mothers of up to 5 days paid leave per treatment cycle

  • Adoption leave improved to 26 weeks on full pay, and

  • Paid leave for two weeks for the loss of a baby pre 24 weeks of pregnancy

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