'Vile comms' | HR boss compared worker to infamous Nazi and wanted Putin to 'wipe out' employees' hometown, court told

HR boss compared worker to infamous Nazi and wanted Putin to 'wipe out' employees' hometown, court told

An HR manager compared an ex-colleague to an infamous Nazi chief and ranted that she wanted Vladimir Putin to ‘wipe out’ the town where many co-workers lived, a court has heard.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Helen Vulin was employed by accountancy firm Grant Thornton as head of HR for the company’s Transaction Advisory division, but was let go in 2019 in what was described as a ‘reshuffle’.

Vulin, 34, reportedly then sent hundreds of emails to staff over the course of a year-and-a-half after her departure. Vulin is said to have compared one former colleague to Heinrich Himmler – the Nazi Party’s second most powerful figure (behind Hitler) and the chief architect of the Holocaust.

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She is also accused of saying that she wanted Russian president Putin to “wipe out Hampstead Heath”, the area of London where several Grant Thornton reside, according to the court.

She also reportedly said she wanted one ex-colleague to suffer a “painful death”.

Details of Vulin’s alleged campaign of abuse were heard at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, where she stood accused of sending grossly offensive messages – which she denies.

Aaron McCalister, prosecuting, said: “Essentially Miss Vulin was made redundant at Grant Thornton in 2019 as part of a business reshuffle.

“From January 2022 onwards every month hundreds of emails were sent with threats in what has been described by the head of employee relations as vile communications.

“The emails contained messages such as: 'I will f*****g kill Dave. I want Dave to die a painful death in a concentration camp actually being tortured to death. Anyone on his side is on the side of Heinrich Himmler.'

“Other messages sent include: ‘I hope Putin wipes out Hampstead Heath. I am going to get a gun licence in a few months Texas understands.’”

Vulin denies sending these emails, with her lawyer telling the court: “The factual background may not be accepted, and these matters are contested.”

A pre-trial hearing date has been set for October 19 at Isleworth Crown Court. If convicted, Vulin could face up to two years in prison.

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