'Circle back' | Are you guilty of using these 'most hated' office phrases?

Are you guilty of using these 'most hated' office phrases?

Office buzzwords - we've all been guilty of using them at some point in our careers.

They permeate everything from job descriptions to social media posts, blogs to advertisements, and ultimately workplace conversations.

However, some business buzzwords can lead to people either loving or hating the subject matter.

Some can find a word appealing or appalling and can stir the conversation in a very different direction.

Marry Glowacka, Centre of Excellence Lead in the Human Resources Chapter of Preply, expresses: “In the workplace, employees and people managers use a distinctive type of corporate jargon that can sound like a lot while meaning very little.”

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Glowacka, adds: “Buzzwords are common in the workplace, but a lot of people hate many of them.”

Trends, events, news and other cases have set the scene for business buzzwords to step into our dictionary of 2022. For example, HR themes, COVID-19 and the economy are just a few things that have gained prominence and taken over our business jargon.

What are the most frequently used business buzzwords in 2022?

As one can imagine, 2022 has been marked by nothing that is ordinary or in the norm. From viruses to new working models to adapting to new company cultures, the list goes on and on. So, it shouldn’t be shocking that the ‘new normal’ has made the list.

Research put forth by Preply reveals that the following buzzwords are the most used in 2022:

  1. Win-win

  2. Culture (e.g., “Company culture”)

  3. ASAP (as soon as possible)

  4. Think outside the box

  5. Moving forward/going forward

  6. Circle back

  7. It’s on my radar

  8. On the same page

  9. Bring to the table

  10. New normal

Certainly, we have heard a lot of these business buzzwords.

However, words have power. Which means business buzzwords are a hit or miss.

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Can you guess the top 10 most annoying business buzzwords?

These are the most irritating buzzwords in accordance with 2022 trends:

  1. New normal

  2. Culture (e.g., “Company culture”)

  3. Circle back

  4. Boots on the ground

  5. Give 110%

  6. Low-hanging fruit

  7. Win-win

  8. Move the needle

  9. Growth hacking

  10. Think outside the box

It’s crucial to take into account that these business buzzwords can lead to problems with your employees, clients and overall, yourself.

However, job descriptions are also an integral part of businesses and it’s formed of various business terms.

From our magazine

Can your job description be a red flag?

Yes, job descriptions and the terms used in them can lead potential candidates to leave even before they start.

Here are the red flags to look for in a job description:

  1. Rockstar

  2. Wear many hats

  3. Thick skin

  4. Work hard, play hard

  5. Schedule TBD

  6. Urgently hiring

  7. Ninja

  8. Hit the ground running

  9. Fast-paced environment

  10. Overachiever

However, there are some business buzzwords that work very well with others and businesses as a whole.

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The 10 least annoying business buzzwords

Here are the top 10 best business buzzwords of 2022:

  1. At the end of the day

  2. Debrief

  3. Sweep the floors

  4. SMB (Small and mid-size business)

  5. Table this

  6. B2C (Business-to-consumer)

  7. Blue sky thinking

  8. Ideate

  9. Game changer

  10. Teamwork/Teambuilding/Team players

These are all the business buzzwords that don’t make people tick or annoyed.

Overall, before writing, saying or starting a conversation beware of these business buzzwords because they can help you.

Do you agree or disagree with these business buzzwords?

Let us know in the comments.

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