Bright future | 77% of HR leaders feel their career prospects are improving

77% of HR leaders feel their career prospects are improving

The ‘Great Resignation’ has seen millions of Brits resigning or changing jobs, driven in part by the pandemic which caused a rush among British workers to find a better work-life balance. It’s tempting to conclude from that that many Brits are dissatisfied with their jobs – but new research suggests that this is far from being the case in the HR field.

In fact, the 2022 careers survey conducted by XpertHR, the UK’s leading online resource, indicates that these are boom times for HR careers, with their data revealing that more than three quarters (76.9%) of HR professionals think there are good job prospects for them in HR over the next five years. This is the same figure recorded in XpertHR’s 2017 survey, showing that the pandemic appears to have done nothing to dampen HR professionals’ enthusiasm about their career prospects.

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