REVEALED | Job candidates disclose shocking hiring experiences

Job candidates disclose shocking hiring experiences

Jobseekers around the globe have revealed some of the worst interactions that they have had with prospective employers and recruiters.

In a roundup article compiled by Bored Panda – as was reported by the Daily Mail – job candidates have shed light on some of the worst encounters that they have had in the hiring process, as well as some of the shocking requirements listed on job adverts.

For example, one candidate claimed that they once received a LinkedIn message from a recruiter saying that only candidates currently in work would be considered for the role.

Another jobseeker shared that they were keen to apply for an entry-level role until they saw that being ‘good looking’ was listed as a requirement.

Elsewhere, one UK jobseeker was shocked to receive an email saying that they had accidentally been rejected in the hiring process. However, the prospective employer went on to explain that having reviewed the candidate’s application, they would still be unsuccessful.

Another employer was hiring for a junior staff member to join the team, but was reportedly asking for the candidate to have at least nine years of experience.

Making a good impression works both ways in an interview. For example, an employer will want to gauge a candidate’s personality and suitability for the role, while the candidate will be looking for positive company culture and nice teammates.

Despite this, after a potential employer admitted that the conversation in the interview didn’t end well “because I got impatient”, one candidate received an email that apologised for their attitude during the interview process.

Also among the list were recruiters or hirers who had kept calling candidates the wrong name or sent an email to them by mistake. For example, it was reported that one recruiter forwarded the hiring manager’s comments about a candidate being a ‘nerd’.

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But, this isn’t the only time a recruiter has accidentally sent a message to the wrong person. Last year, one interviewer was left feeling embarrassed after emailing a potential new recruit with an insult. It was reported that after the interview, the hirer sent an email to the candidate – which was intended for a colleague – branding them a ‘chav’.

Many of these examples highlight poor practice in the hiring and interviewing process which can have a negative impact on employers and recruiters in future.

Therefore, maintaining high levels of professionalism is key to ensuring that candidates have a good experience, and this can also have follow-on benefits for an organisation’s employer brand too.

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