Trick or treat? | Employee reveals STRANGE work perk

Employee reveals STRANGE work perk

In a bid to attract more talent through their doors, employers have introduced new perks and benefits for their employees to enjoy.

From unlimited holiday or a day off on your birthday, to egg freezing and free beer, employers want to stand out in this candidate-driven market by offering perks that employees just can’t refuse.

And it seems employees are favouring work perks over things such as pay rises, as Glassdoor's Employment Confidence Survey found that 80% would prefer work perks.

It’s been revealed that one employee has been offered one rather unusual perk. Lizzie McManus, an Account Director at a communications agency enjoys the perks of free Botox during her lunchbreak, the Daily Mail reported.

The staff incentive was offered by her employer based in Bournemouth as part of a retraining scheme for employees in the business.

In addition, staff are offered an extra £100 worth of vouchers a month to spend on activities and treatments of their choice.

Sunny Bird, Founder of the company, said: “As a small business, having a productive and happy team is an absolute must. Finding good staff is a challenge in itself so I work hard to try and retain them.

“There is so much research out there that demonstrates an incentivised and rewarded team is generally a happier one.

"It doesn't just have to come down to bonuses or pay rises, it can be the little and often 'thank yous' that make a big difference to team morale too."

Three companies offering unusual perks:


Employees at the music-services provider have the option to freeze their eggs. As more and more people delay pregnancy until later in life, Spotify helps its staff to fulfil their dreams of a family later in life with its fertility assistance.


According to Monster, some offices offer on-site car washes and dry cleaning so employees can get some of their chores done while at work. In addition, for gym bunnies there are 24/7 fitness centres available, along with basketball and volleyball courts.


When you work at Airbnb, staff members will get to travel the world and the company’s variety of homes thanks to the generous £1,543 ($2,000) stipend. This means that employees can travel and stay in an Airbnb listing of their choice each year.

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