American Express | Building HR Service Delivery on a global scale

Building HR Service Delivery on a global scale
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Scaling HR service delivery for a global model is a major undertaking. To be successful, organisations need a strong technology partner who understands the requirements and a flexible platform that supports employee needs.

American Express have recently undergone an initiative to globalise its HR Service Delivery in order to increase efficiency and engagement, as well as to bring a consistent experience to global leaders. Before the implementation, HR was regionally compartmentalised. It was confusing, frustrating and difficult to manage. HR leaders didn't know critical facts about their employees.

After moving to a shared service model, American Express saw a much more positive experience for employees and HR teams. There was consistency across regions, and all other key metrics indicate a successful initiative. American Express measured the quality of the information they have around employees and saw a significant improvement.

In this eBook, Adam Krahling, Vice President - Global HRIS at American Express highlights several keys to success for this major strategic initiative, including flexibility, employee focus, stratgic technology partner, and change management. Download the eBook by filling out the form below to find out how American Express carried out this successful initiative.

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